Why Do Jews Lie So Much?

It really does seem like Jews have a facility for lying the likes of which few other ethnic groups have, though I admit that they have some competition with Turks, Ukrainians, and a few others. Notice that both of these groups are extreme nationalists, ultranationalists really, which practice forms of racist fascism or Nazism. Are Jews extreme nationalists, ultrantionalists really, who practice a form of racist fascism or Jewish Nazism called Zionism?

Obviously this accounts for part of the extreme lying.

Anyway, Jewish felicity in remorseless lying seems to go far beyond Israel. It seems to encompass just about everything they touch and do. They feel little if any guilt about all this lying either. This has been a huge source of antisemitism forever, as Jews with a reputation of lying like rugs weren’t very well-liked by their neighbors.

Is there a religious justification for all this lying? Like they can lie all they want to the Gentiles, but they’re not supposed to lie like rugs to other Jews? Are even secular Jews brought up in an environment where routine lying is tacitly encouraged? I know that in the book Jews Must Live!, published in 1936, the family of Orthodox Jews portrayed in the family lies so much even to their own family members that it gets to the point where people can hardly tell what’s real and what’s not anymore, and everyone’s gaslighting everyone.

But those are the Orthodox and the Orthodox are only 10

I know there is a tendency among the shittier type of Jews like “secular” Harlan Ellison (a flat-out Jewish Supremacist with an open disdain for Christians) to regard Christians as a group of suckers and well-meaning rubes and marks. Ellison notes that there is a long tradition of Jewish jokes in which the crafty Jew fools the naive Christian. Ellison himself made many remarks ridiculing Christians for “trying to be good people.”

I guess Jews consider that a gullible fools’ errand? The Jewish attitude seems to be “Nice guys finish last, that’s the way it should be, so don’t even try to be one!”

Of course Gentiles lie like crazy too, especially in politics, not to mention geopolitics, where lying, cheating, and stealing are considered proper norms of behavior.

Yet Jews seem to lie with a lot more ease than even cultural Christians. I know that on this site, I have told you over and over that I am only interested in truth. I don’t care if it makes my side, the good guys, look bad and the other side, the bad guys look good. I want to get to the bottom of everything and I have no interest at all in believing a bunch of lies about political and geopolitical issues. Why would I want to believe a bunch of crap and falsehoods about such things? What for?

But 90

Of course I lie to myself all the time. I’d be dead by my own hand long ago if I did not.

But I don’t lie much about other people, and I despise making up or telling lies even about my worst enemies. If they’re really so bad there’s no need to lie about them, right? If I have to make up a bunch of lies about my enemies, then they’re actually decent people, right?

Actually I consider making up what you know are clear and obvious lies even about your worst enemies to be a dick move. I am an honorable man and honorable men simply don’t do such a thing.

But 80

And extroverts are far more likely to make up deliberate lies about people they don’t like, and they also feel little guilt about pathological lying. On the other hand, introverts seem to be a lot less comfortable about lying, especially telling knowing and deliberate lies, even about people they hate.

Anyway, back to my question. Why are Jews, in addition to being a race of white-collar criminals, also a nation of pathological liars?

Keep in mind that I don’t think Jews should be harmed for their guitless lying. Almost all of the time, their lying is perfectly legal. It’s not a misdemeanor or even a citation. It’s not even a tort in most cases. If it’s not serious enough of a transgression to warrant even the most modest societal sanction, why on Earth should we beat up or kill a Jew over something so petty and minor?

Anyway, so many Gentiles at least here in the US have become “spiritually Jewish” in the sense that many of us now lie about as much as the real Jews do, so obviously we do it a lot too. They just do it more is all.

On the other hand, being a pathologically lying snake of a person is likely to make a lot of people not like you, so once again, Jews are creating the anti-Semitism they hate.

I will say that four of my father’s best friends, my longest girlfriend, and a good friend were all Jews and none of them lied very much if at all. They were all very assimilated secular Jews though. So the six Jews I’ve known well didn’t lie all that much. The good friend was a bit of an amoral snake, but he functioned well, and I can’t remember him lying much. Plus he was a good friend to me, which I appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “Why Do Jews Lie So Much?”

  1. Robert, it’s pretty simple. And you’re an old, well-read man, so you should know this all the more. In the competition for survival, each animal uses whatever skill it has, as it must. If it cannot or will not do so on ‘ethical’ grounds, extinction, or at the very least, underperformance is pretty much guaranteed.

    Lying is a skill; I am sure you know this. Maybe the group is just more aware of what it takes to survive seeing as attempts have been made to obliterate them since like forever.

    What do you think?

  2. Jews are the tip of the penis personified. Telling a woman “I’ll just put the tip in!” alway struck me as very Jewish.

      1. Elite Jews are the beginning of a lot. Gentiles and little Jews make up the shaft.

        I know a nice little PC Jew, but I feel like I’m living a lie around him. I feel too restricted around PC Jews. I’d rather hang with a Lenny Bruce type Jew. Haven’t met one.

        1. The Lenny Bruce type Jew seems really cool. Did he like Gentiles? Was he a Jewish tribalist? If he liked Gentiles then he would have been a real boss dude to hang with!

          I know a nice little PC Jew, but I feel like I’m living a lie around him. I feel too restricted around PC Jews.

          I know what you mean. I feel that way around any and all PC people.

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