Alt Left: Some Cognitive Meanderings about Israel

The Israeli government is quite honest about the Palestinians and doesn’t lie much about them. The Palestinians are out and out bald, naked terrorists, so there’s really no need for the government to make up a bunch of lies about them. Your average Jewish Zionist Israeli citizen, on the other hand, tells countless lies about the Palestinians.

Yet this is not matched by the Israeli intelligentsia, who actually have been remarkably forthcoming and even self-critical. See the New Historicans like Tom Segev and Benny Morris for example. Sure, they’re liberal Zionists, but the liberals are a lot better than the conservatives, reactionaries, and fascists like they are in most of the world.

Part of the problem with taking a pro-Palestinian stance as an Israeli Jew is that the Palestinians are literally trying to kill you and most believe you deserve to die for being a “settler,” “colonist,” and “usurper.” If I were an Israeli Jew, how could I support some maniac who’s trying to kill me and thinks I deserve to be killed?

Never mind that most of this settling, colonizing, and usurping happened a long time ago, like 75 years ago, which means it’s water under the dam, and in my opinion, the Jews get to stay in Israel inside the Green Line. They aren’t going anywhere anyway. I just think they have to vacate the West Bank or say that any Jews who stay must live under Palestinian law. The ’48 Jews also need to learn to live with the Arabs amongst themselves and dismantle the apartheid system in their shitty little country.

I’m a post-Zionist. Few realize that Zionism is an ongoing project of continuous, slow motion Judaizing, ethnic cleansing, property destruction, and land theft. It’s time to pack up it and bin it once and for all. I don’t mind Zionism in the sense that Jews can stay in Israel, but I want to end it as an ongoing colonizing project, which is exactly what it is

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