Alt Left: Snigerovka: Another False Flag Ukrainian Nazi Massacre of Civilians

This town in Nikolaev Oblast was under Russian control for a long time but then it switched to Ukrainian control when Russia retreated from Kherson. Somehow we are just now learning that during the time the Russians were there, they murdered 33 local residents. And they are publicizing this as a Russian war crime, complete with graves and the whole nine yards.

The problem is that locals, in particular the mayor who fled before Ukrainian forces arrived, say the opposite is true. They say that after the town reverted to Ukrainian hands, the Ukrainian Nazis went around looking for “collaborators.” The Nazis murdered 33 people for taking Russian humanitarian aid. Another story is that those people were all killed by Ukrainian artillery that was shelling the town while the Russians were there. I’ll take the killed for being collaborators story. We will need to look into this more in coming days.

An investigation by the British shitlib and Imperialist Left publication The Guardian discovered that many of the dead in Bucha and environs had been killed by Ukrainian artillery, as they had flechettes or small dart-like objects in their bodies. Only Ukraine uses artillery with flechettes. And as it turned out, Russia does not use artillery with flechettes.

However, bizarrely, this lying shitlib rag said that the bodies were found with flechettes, and therefore this proved that Russian artillery killed them! First of all, these people were killed while or shortly after the Russians controlled these towns. How could they have been killed by Russian artillery? That would mean that Russia shelled the very cities that it’s own forces were occupying! Ridiculous.

In regard to the allegation that Russia did not use flechette artillery, The Guardian shitlib rag said, “The Russians are lying. Yes, they do.” Which is pretty much a non-falsifiable statement the way these imperialist freaks set it up because no matter how  much evidence you gather proving that Ukrainian artillery killed those people, they will still always say that Russia did it. The Imperialist Left are real scumbags! They’re as bad as shitlibs!

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