Alt Left: Photos of Ukrainian White Supremacist Nazis Who Helped Stage and Propagandize the Bucha False Flag


A French journalist was at the scene in Bucha on the day of the false flag and he watched the entire thing unfold. He said that the entire thing was staged. He saw Ukrainians drive up in trucks with dead bodies in them. The Ukrainians then towed the dead bodies in the street with ropes to where they were carefully positioned for the false flag. The shitlib Western media trashed this guy and called him a liar.

Amazingly, he said there was a crowd of Western journalist hacks at the scene who watched the whole event being staged and knew full well that this was a staged fake attack. Nevertheless, these shitlib reporters all went back and filed false flag stories blaming Russians for murdering all these dead people. The Western journalists deliberately filed fake stories, knowing full well that they were fake. The entire Western media reported this as a Russian war crime. There was not one dissenter.

This reporter then moved to Istanbul, Turkey for safety. A Ukrainian hit squad from the Ukrainian intelligence agency the SBU recently tried to murder him there, but he somehow got away.

See what these Nazis do? They literally murder reporters who dare to tell the truth about the massive fakes and lies the Globohomo West is engaging in these days. This is who these shitlibs and imperialist Left clowns are supporting! Incredible!

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2 thoughts on “Alt Left: Photos of Ukrainian White Supremacist Nazis Who Helped Stage and Propagandize the Bucha False Flag”

  1. Must be a Twitter group.

    I checked out and they seemed more on the “White, Black, All Lives Matter” trip.

    Ukrainian Nationalists took up the WLM banner but likely had little to do with its roots. In Ukraine you have to toe the line. One wonders if they’re true believers or just virtue signaling. I’ve seen many Ukrainian nationalist women on social media, I wonder if they’re just like our Normie women and only simping for a more nationalistic culture.

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