Alt Left: Coming Soon: A Sino-Russian Military Alliance

4 thoughts on “Alt Left: Coming Soon: A Sino-Russian Military Alliance”

  1. Great news indeed, and it seems like it’s privately official, because the Chinese foreign minister met with the chief of Russia’s security council a few days ago.

  2. Tankies don’t know their history. The only thing Russians and Chinese hate more than Americans are each other. The reason NATO has “expanded” is because countries have had a chance to compare what tankies (in bad faith) refer to as ” reactionary crap and “woke insanity” versus a Russian boot on top of their head (along with all of the accompanying war crimes).

    When an Abu Ghraib happens on the US’ watch, heads roll. When Russians rape and kill civilians, The Kremlin looks the other way.

    You’re living in a fantasy.

    1. Russians and Chinese don’t hate each other at all. That’s all water under the dam. 79% of Chinese people support Russia in their war against fascists and Nazis.

      Russia has never threatened to occupy any of those new NATO countries so there was no reason for them to join.

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