Aerosmith, “No More No More”

Aerosmith, “No More No More,” from the great Toys in the Attic album from early 1975. This album was released when I was a senior in high school! That was almost 50 years ago! This was truly one of the great all-time rock and roll bands. The mid-70’s were great!

I never even knew the lyrics, but looking at them, they’re really cool!

Blood stains the ivories on my daddy’s baby grand Ain’t seen the daylight since we started this band No more, no more (2x)

Store-bought clothes fallin’ ‘part at the seams Tea leaf-readin’ gypsies fortune-tellin’ my dreams No more, no more (2x)

Holiday Inn, lock the door with a chain You love ’em and you hate it, but to me they’re all the same No more, no more (3x)

Baby I’m a dreamer Found my horse and carriage

Stalemate jailbait ladies can’t refuse You love ’em then you leave ’em with your sold-out reviews No more, no more (2x)

Sweet-talkin’ bar room ladies disease Slippin’ with her lips slidin’ down your knees No more, no more (3x)

Fuckin’ screamer Bound to a wife in marriage Baby I’m a dreamer Found my horse and carriage

Ladies hold the aces while my lovers call it passion The men call it pleasure but to me it’s old-fashioned Times they’re a-changin’ nothing ever stands still If i don’t stop changin’ i’ll be writin’ my will It’s the same old story never get a second chance For a dance to the top of the hill

Babe I’m a dreamer Found my horse and carriage

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