I Just Got Piriformis Syndrome

I have this right now.

Talk about misery! I’m not sure how I got it but I was very out of shape, sleeping a lot and then sitting or lying down most of the rest of the time, and then it started up. Trick is now how you do you get rid of it. At first I was worried as I thought it was nerve damage. Instead it is a muscle spasm or pulled muscle which is impinging on the sciatica nerve, so it causes sciatica nerve pain. It’s not real sciatica though because that’s caused by the back. I went to the doctor and felt better in my mind quickly.

This hurts like Hell and it makes it hard to do much of anything. I’m trying all sorts of things but nothing really works much. I try exercise and it does help somewhat although online they are saying that it can make it worse. I use heat and cooling pads. I do a Hell of a lot of stretching. I use ice on it a lot.

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