Alt Left: More Debates on Chinese Communism

Commenter: As with Communism in Europe it would be flushed down the drain of history if the workers actually had a choice in the matter.

Yes, they traded it for socialism. Which is theoretically ok by me, although the socialists they traded it for are scum. Transdniestria and Belarus have some pretty Soviet-like systems, and they keep voting it back in every year, in Belarus by 75-80

You don’t understand. Communists nowadays desperately want to stay in power, especially the CCP. There are CCP committees in every village and town in China, and the locals elect representatives for their villages, towns, and cities. If they don’t do what the people want, the people throw them out. There are 100 protests every day in China, and the authorities just let them go on.

If the locals need something at the village, town, or city level, the local committees and representatives go to their higher-ups and let them know. As the party is desperate to stay in power, the people are often given what they want. “Serve the people” means just that. Once the CCP stops doing that, the people will overthrow them.

Also there are a number of 100


That’s an old article. It’s a problem. They crack down on those companies, and the companies will take off and head off to some Global South shithole with even worse protections. Race to the bottom.

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