Alt Left: China Is Communist


China and the USSR set world records for doubling life expectancy in the shortest period of time. First the USSR set a record, then China broke it. Capitalism will never beat that record.

France maintains public spending at over 50

Are they Communist?

France is a socialist system.

I trust Communists about whether a system is Communist or not, not some reactionary dogs. If Communists say a system is Communist, it’s Communist.



Public corporations at all levels in China compete with other public enterprises (say a steel mill in Beijing competes with a steel mill in Shanghai), and all publicly owned firms also compete with private firms in China and overseas. If you can’t compete, you might have to go under.

Many so-called SOE’s are owned by local municipalities, often cities. Cities run whole industries making all sorts of things. It’s sink or swim for these companies, so there is a lot of motivation to perform. Furthermore, if the city’s company fails, you’re out a job. People have a stake in it.

That company that was the #3 producer of TV’s on Earth? A public company, competing with private companies all over the world and kicking their asses.

All public companies in China run on a profit model. They compete with other public companies. Workers are given paychecks that are a faction of the company’s profits that month, so wages go down or up depending on how well the company does. The SOE then deducts 95

All of Chinese military economy is state-owned. It does great. All of Russia’s military economy is state owned. It kicks the US’ ass. Oil and gas are state owned all over the world. Works great. Things like shipbuilding have to be state owned because it might take 75 years to make a profit.

Telecommunications are publicly owned the world over, and they work best this way. Education and medicine work best publicly owned, as is mass transit and infrastructure construction. China could not have possibly built up all that incredible infrastructure with private corporations. Would not have happened. That high speed rail network was built by public firms. So was the highway network. So is all the housing. So were all the ports and harbors. Capitalists are crap at all of those things, just garbage.

I will admit that capitalists are good at making widgets. Making stuff, products for sale to consumers. That’s all they should be doing. China shuts them out of politics and the media altogether, which makes it communist right there, as the state is over the market.

Capitalist fanboys, Libertarians and other faggots are all trying to claim the Chinese model because it kicks ass. It’s Communism kicking ass, so this looks bad. So they lie and say it’s capitalist. It’s not. It’s market socialism.

See how fast China built those hospitals when COVID hit? Capitalist countries can’t compete with that. The highest COVID death rates were recorded in the most capitalist countries with the weakest state sectors. The more socialist the country was, the lower the death rate was.

On the other hand, I’m not sure state corporations are not supposed to make money. Are public transit, the phone company, the military, the cops, firemen, cities and towns, the corps of engineers, on and on, supposed to turn a profit? Of course not. I know that public transit must be run at a loss because that is it’s nature. It cannot be run by private companies because they will charge so much for tickets that no one will buy them.

The nature of state owned companies is that they don’t operate at a profit.

Most countries on Earth work under some sort of a socialist model, so some sort of a socialist model is the norm for human development in the world today.

What China is doing is the future of Communism. This is what we will be calling Communism now – market socialism.

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