Alt Left: Iran Has No Nuclear Weapons Program, Part 37


This is not true. Just because there was some 80 grade enriched uranium around doesn’t mean that they were making 80 grade uranium. They could just have easily have been making 60 grade uranium and  some 80 grade got into the mix. Happens all the time.

Have you noticed that everyone, I mean everyone believes that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. It’s a lie that was made up a long time ago by the Jews (Israel), the world’s most proficient and superb liars. Just to show how good they are, notice how many people believe this crap?

Of course the US Gentile neocons of both parties got in on the lie after the Jews started it because they have their own reasons to hate Iran, mostly stemming from the 1979 embassy takeover and hostage situation at the dawn of the revolution.

And a lot of US Gentiles really love Israel as much as Jews do, so they hate Iran for that too. People need to understand that Jews are only 2

Jews aren’t the only Zionists in the US! Most Zionists in the world are not even Jewish. They’re Gentiles! A lot of these Gentiles have a genuine love for Israel. It doesn’t feel like someone is putting a gun to their head to support the country. So US support for Israel cannot all be pinned on a bunch of Jews.

You don’t like Israel? Fine, go complain to the majority of US Gentiles! Singling out Jews as the only Zionists in the country and the source of all US support for Israel is ridiculous. They couldn’t do it without the help of over 110 million Gentiles. Why don’t you go harass some of those Zionist Gentiles?

Everyone with any sense on this issue knows that Iran has never had a documented nuclear weapons program. Khomeini said it was immoral for Muslims to develop nuclear weapons and his fatwa was long in force. Later Khameini ratified the fatwa.

Now when those mullahs issue fatwas, the state cannot go against them. And they’re not going to issue a fatwa saying no nuclear weapons and then go ahead and violate the fatwa by making them on the side. It doesn’t work that way. The Iranians are pretty up front. They aren’t congenital pathological liars like their enemies the Jews and the Americans.

Nevertheless, there is a rumor that Iran had a nuclear weapons research program during the Iran-Iraq War. Just a research program. I’m not sure if you realize how much time and manpower goes into a nuclear weapons project. First you have to find all of the manuals on how to make one, and it’s almost impossible to get them, as they are not made available to anyone.

You might get a few if you scour libraries in Europe. Anyway, a research program is just that. They study how to make one and write up documents, manuals, papers, and whatnot. That’s all it is. Some experts think it is likely that Iran had this program during the war, but everyone agrees that they haven’t had any nuclear weapons program since the war ended and if they had a research project, they ended it at the time.

Since 1992, Iran has had no nuclear weapons program in any way, shape, or form. They don’t even have a research program, as that was shut down. The UN Nuclear Agency has been inspecting Iran’s nuclear program for many years now, and they have never found a single bit of evidence for the existence of a nuclear weapons program.

Even if Iran had enough weapons grade material to make a bomb, the situation is not like the Jews’ lie that they could “breakout in 3-6 weeks!!!!!!!!” They’ve been saying that forever now. “Iran three weeks away from nuclear breakout!…Iran six weeks away from nuclear breakout!” Breakout means they can develop a nuclear weapon in that amount of time.

That’s complete crap. First they would have to resurrect the research program and get that going again. Then they would have to work on the bomb itself. Making a nuclear weapon is fiendishly difficult even for industrialized states. You have to get the trigger mechanism down to thousands of a second, and it’s extremely difficult to do and can take years to get it right.

So a pile of weapons grade material doesn’t mean jack unless Iran wants to make a uranium bomb or dirty bomb, but all that does it contaminate a 1 square mile area for decades. As Iran is under a fatwa preventing the manufacture of a nuclear bomb and that includes uranium bombs, they’re not even going to make a uranium bomb, and nobody ever uses those anyway.

I can’t believe how many people have fallen for this crap about the nonexistent Iranian nuclear weapons program, but it shows you the potency of a political lie.

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One thought on “Alt Left: Iran Has No Nuclear Weapons Program, Part 37”

  1. “I love Jews ever so much.” Gentile Christian Judeophile.

    “So do I, motherfucker!” A Jew shrieks back. *spits in the Judeophile’s face*

    This is the relationship in a nutshell.

    Jews have great, perhaps the greatest, potential to contribute to White European society, but I think our time is better spent on Iranians who actually like us.

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