Alt Left: Why I Support Russia

6 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why I Support Russia”

  1. If I were a soldier I’d rather be imprisoned by Germans in WWII. I believe they generally treated military men better.

    I’ve always seen going to a gulag or being sent to Siberia as depressing or hopeless. No Allies coming to rescue you either. I read an account where an American soldier captured by Germans, who treated him fairly, feared getting “rescued” by the Soviets.

    History is one thing, the present is another.

    1. Ukraine is an odd mix the worst conservative and liberal social values. Russians are the humane and sane ones today.

    2. Russian soldiers were treated horribly by the Germans. I believe that 83% of them died in captivity. On the other end, the Soviets were much kinder to German POW’s, as only 13% of them died. So the death rate in the gulags for German soldiers was far lower than in Nazi concentration camps. The Germans thought that Americans were “of racially good stock,” so they treated them quite well. Remember M.A.S.H.?

      1. Of course. M.A.S.H was a classic, especially the early episodes. I haven’t personally watched much of it but harcore fans showed me some scenes.

  2. Russia is the sane but weaker one; NATO, US and Ukraine are the insane but stronger ones.

    Result: Everyone supports Ukraine against their conscience.

    Is this what we call ‘justice’?

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