Alt Left: The Nazi Roots of NASA, the EU, NATO, the UN, and the World Economic Forum

As you can see, all of the major institutions of the West in the postwar period were derived from Nazi roots. The head of the EU and the first chief of staff of NATO were both former Nazis. Even NASA in the US had Nazi roots. And the UN was headed by a former Nazi a while back.

I don’t think Nazism ever went away in the West. It just went underground and now it’s poking its head up again.

The woman who is the current head of the EU, Ursula Von Der Leyen, had a Nazi grandfather. Crystina Freedland, a top official in the Canadian government, had a grandfather who was an unrepentent Ukrainian Nazi after WW2 for many years. He was associated with radical Ukrainian nationalist formations who had been Nazi collaborators.

Say what you want to about Russia, but at least their ancestors weren’t Nazis, for God’s sake.

The World Economic Forum also has deep Nazi roots.

See this site for more on that. Click the arrows to the right to click through the different screens. But when you get to the part about the Club of Rome and the World Economic Forum, I advise you to quit reading.

Klaus Schwab is the head of the WEF or World Economic Forum. His father ran a company with deep ties to the Nazi regime. It helped make armaments for them and used slave and POW labor in its plants. The firm was given awards by the Nazi government for being a “model national socialist company.” It was deeply tied into nuclear technology for a long time and at the close of the war, this firm was working to develop an atomic bomb for Hitler’s government.

After the war, Klaus went to work for the company. During this period, the company formed deep ties with the apartheid regime in South Africa and worked intensively with them on the nuclear program, which I believe may have made some bombs before it was dismantled.

As you can see above, I feel that much of the hullabaloo about the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome is rightwing conspiracy theory nonsense. Supposedly the WEF has a deep agenda to reduce world population, I guess by killing off a bunch of us. Members also made some lame comments about the need to start eating insects, which may not be a bad idea except that we are exterminating them from the planet.

Someone also made a stupid comment about the future: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” I suppose this is about the new “rental model” of capitalism where you never own anything anymore and instead you just rent out everything at a monthly rate. Software is definitely going to this model. It’s ominous.

The WEF is also associated with the post-pandemic “Great Reset.” There’s been much talk about this, mostly rightwing conspiracy theory, but I don’t even know what they have in mind. Probably not something too nefarious. The WEF is World Center for “globalism,” the bugaboo of the Hard Right. I’m not sure that globalism in the sense of international institutions per se is something to be opposed and I don’t much understand the globalism versus nationalism debate that has the Hard Right so hot and bothered.

Don’t get me wrong. WEF people scumbags, a bunch of rich bastards. On the other hand, they do appear to be somewhat forward-looking as billionaires go. I think I’ll pass on rightwing conspiracy theory about the WEF. This conspiracy theory has long been pushed by Alex Jones and his ilk. They were screaming about this some time ago. They claim there is an agenda to reduce human population from 8 billion to 1 billion. Apparently this means killing 84

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One thought on “Alt Left: The Nazi Roots of NASA, the EU, NATO, the UN, and the World Economic Forum”

  1. Most of us are not going to like this, but it needs to be said:

    The national socialists of the 1930’s have nothing in common with the “national socialists” of today, only the symbolism.

    Today’s “national socialism” is simply a death cult, using nazi symbols of evil that were built up in people’s minds since the end of WW2 to attract useful psychopaths, as you see in Ukraine.

    You could say what’s the difference, but of course you only need to make a cursory comparison between Germany in the 30’s and Ukraine today to see an enormous amount of differences.

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