Alt Left: Both Conservative and Liberal Social Values Are No Good

Polar Bear:

Western Cultural Conservatives’ Holy Trinity:

  • Patriotism (Americanism here)
  • anti-Communism
  • anti-abortion

Note: The true American way probably doesn’t even conflict with Nazism

Western Cultural Liberals’ Divine Principles:

  • Jews are the guiding light of morality.
  • Negroes are magical, other Third Worlders pretty good but the dark skin of the sub-Saharan African makes them magical. Sort of how Albinos are seen as magical in Africa.
  • No one has their head on straighter than a tranny.
  • Butch lesbians are ideal beauties.
  • Flamers are manly.

This is excellent. It also shows that I am absolutely not a cultural conservative.

US patriotism, pro-Americanism? Get out of here! Down with patriotards! I’m an America-hater but that’s not my choice. They forced it on me. Don’t like it? Well, tell the government to start acting decent, then maybe I’ll support it. I mostly hate the US government, but the people put the government in, so they’re responsible for the state. About all of the non-government and non-voter aspects of US society, I don’t really have much of any comments. I’m not so much of an America-hater in that sense. Besides, US governments, at least Democrats, are pretty good on domestic issues.

Anti-Communism? No way! I’m not a Communist. I’m a socialist. But a lot of us have a soft spot for Communism even though perhaps we might not prefer to live there. If other people choose such a system to live under, we will respect it and wish them well. Besides, anti-Communists are the worst!

Anti-abortion? No way! I’m pro-choice all the way, baby! I support my sisters having control over their bodies! I do want some basic restrictions put in like no abortion after fetal viability (22 weeks?). For late-term abortions, only for the life or health of the mother, and that does not include mental health!

I’m basically just a liberal or better yet a Leftie, although I’m conservative on some things.

Jews are the guiding light of morality. Yeah, I don’t think so. You can say a lot of things about those people, but they’re definitely not known for their honesty! That said, a lot of Jews live pretty moral lives and are not lying, cheating, thieving, amoral snakes like so many of them. If I were a Jew, I would really try to live down this lying, cheating, thieving, Machiavellian stereotype by trying my best to not act that way. The best way to combat a negative stereotype is for people in the stereotyped group to refuse to act according to the stereotype or to act the opposite way.

Negroes are magical. Other Third Worlders pretty good, but the dark skin of the sub-Saharan African makes them magical. Sort of how Albinos are seen as magical in Africa. Right. It’s crazy. Nothing special about Black people and as with Jews above, way too many Blacks act way too terrible. That said, I think Blacks act way worse than Jews. Jews are just white collar crooks. They’re not street thugs. Their attitude is you can steal more with a pen than with a gun.

The group of Blacks called Ghetto Blacks behave in an absolutely horrible way, and they don’t act awful because of White racism or because we forced them to act this way. They act in similar ways elsewhere in the world. It’s their fault and it’s up to them to clean up their act, unless it’s genetic and they can’t.

That said, there are many millions of Blacks in the US who act just fine. They behave in a more or less middle class manner and these are the Blacks you see on TV, etc. A lot of Blacks with good jobs fall into this category. This group of Blacks, frankly, from a White point of view, act like White people. Note: to us that means “they act civilized.” This group of Blacks may act different from Whites in some ways, but generally these are not bad differences. They’re either positive or neutral.

No one has their head on straighter than a tranny. Well, yeah. Transgender people have more mental disorders than any other group we deal with clinically.  99

Most MTF transgenders simply have a sexual fetish called autogynephilia, where they are sexually aroused by the idea of themselves being and dressing like a woman. Basically late-stage transvestic feitishism. 11

Butch lesbians are ideal beauties. Well, of course they are not. Frankly, most of us men find them rather disgusting.

Flamers are manly. Well, you can’t say that gay men are effeminate, that’s for sure. They will say that’s a homophobic stereotype. It isn’t. Most gay men are effeminate.

As you can see, the cultural values of both the Right and the Left are not acceptable in my opinion. I reject the basic values of the Right because I’m simply not a conservative and I don’t even like them! I’ve been on the Left my whole life.

That leaves us with the cultural values of the modern Left, which I would love to support because they feel good but I can’t because they’re nothing but lies. Furthermore, it’s insane.

I reject both conservative and liberal cultural values. Is there any space for folks like us out there?

I guess this is what the Alt Left was all about.

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