Alt Left: American Partisanship Is Insane

Just to give you an example, the person I live with, in addition to being severely mentally ill (they are in a severe manic episode off and on for a very long time now, like 14 months), is an extreme partisan Democrat. My mother and father were exactly the same.

We were watching TV tonight. Tucker Carlson was on. He watches Fox all the time because he “wants to know what the enemy is thinking,” which is just fine. Tucker segued to a piece about Biden landing in Kiev to meet with the Ukrainian leader, the Jewish Nazi Fuehrer Volodymyr Zelensky.

Soon after Biden arrived, as Biden and his Nazi friend were walking in the street, an air raid alert sounded. No one in Kiev had heard an air raid alert in the last five days. There were no planes or missiles in the sky and no one heard any explosions. The air raid siren was completely fake, a Potemkin air raid siren, so to speak.

I mentioned that the air raid siren was obviously a fake one just to add a Hollywood feel to the visit and he got very upset. He kept insisting that the air raid siren was real. I guess there were invisible planes and missiles in the sky and explosions that you can’t see or hear.

You see, you cannot say anything that makes the US or Ukraine look bad in this war, no matter if it is true or not. Everything has to be positive. If you say one negative thing, you’re a Putinist. Finally changed the channel and made some remark accusing me of being a Putinist, telling me to go watch Russia Today. This is insane behavior, but everyone you meet is like this nowadays. Everyone’s either an insanely partisan Democrat or a wildly partisan Republican, although I will admit that the Republicans are far more self-critical than Democrats. With the Democrats, it’s the party line or you’re with the enemy.

Later the show segued to a bit about the chemical train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio where a train carrying vinyl chloride crashed and created a chemical fire and environmental catastrophe. I noted that it appeared that Biden was blowing it in this crisis. He hadn’t declared a state of emergency yet, and his cabinet member who would be in charge of such thing, Pete Buttigeg, has not even bothered to show up.

The people are suffering from the fumes and the rivers and streams are poisoned. Entire flocks of chickens 20 miles have died from the fumes. I remarked that Biden was blowing it here, and he needed to show up or send in Buttigeg or declare a state of emergency, for God’s sake, do something.

Keep in mind that I am a Biden supporter. I voted for him of course. I’m coming from the loyal opposition point of view. I just want him to pursue better policies and quit screwing up. The person I live with shut down all of this conversation, and turned off the channel again. You can’t say anything bad about the president or his administration, ever. You can’t say they’re screwing up and they need to get their act together.

Everything they do is absolutely perfect and never needs to be changed 1

You’re also not allowed to support any Republican or Republican project ever, and you can’t even say one positive thing about any major Republican politician. If you do, you’re a traitor,  and you’re with the enemy.

I caught a ton of heat for saying Trump’s “grab em in the pussy” comment was not about sexual assault. Remember he said that when you’re rich and famous, you can do anything with them? You can grab them right in the pussy, and they just let you do it because you’re rich and famous. See that part where it says they let you do it? This means that there’s no sexual assault. If she lets you do sexual things with her without protesting, it can’t be sexual assault or rape in any sense of the word.

My mother then implied that it was still sexual assault because the only reason they let him do it was because he was rich. So I guess if I’m a rich guy and I go around grabbing women, and they let me to do it because I’m rich, then that means I’m sexually assaulting them, right? Because they’re only letting me do it because I’m rich, right? This is bullshit!

Anyway, I was told by my mother, “Don’t defend him!” meaning don’t defend Trump. Now I hate Trump as much as any Leftie, but I did support a few of his policies, and I will defend him where he’s in the right and his critics are wrong.

This is absolutism. Our side is 100

I’ve noticed that a lot of conservatives do the exact same thing too. Furthermore, there are number of boxes you need to check to be a conservative.

First of all is COVID denialism. Mandatory. That’s a crazy position that just might get you killed.

Next is contempt for people warning about global warming and demanding we do something about it. That’s global warming denialism. Another absolutely insane position that might just destroy the whole planet if we don’t watch it.

I’ve noticed lately that another one is election denialism. You have to take the insane and false view that Biden stole the election from Trump. It didn’t happen and there’s no evidence that it did.

I wonder if people even think about these positions before they take them? Or do they just go down the line and check all the boxes if they are conservative and check all the opposite boxes if they are liberal? If they do, critical thinking is history.

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