Alt Left: A Bit on Stalin and Marxism

From an online debate I am having. The other commenter is in blockquotes.

Every Marxist I have met in real life wanted to separate “True Communism” from Stalin.

Those are Trots. Stalin was a Communist all right. Anyway, I’m not even a Communist. I’m just a socialist. But like a lot of us, I have some sympathy for Communist states. If the people want a system like that, they can have it.

But they all agreed that Stalin was a mass murderer and a stain on Marxism.

Mao said Stalin was 70

Also would like to know if you support the Marxist belief that democracy should not be allowed and that the people should not be allowed to vote on if they want Communism.

I’d say that if the Communists screwed up so bad in serving the people that the population wants to go try their luck with capitalism, give them the rope to hang themselves with. But that’s not the case in any existing Communist country. 95

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