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From an online debate I am having. The other commenter is in blockquotes. There is a bit of an aside on the Winter War at the end.

So UN votes are invalid if a guy in a forum says an uncited principle supersedes them?

The UN is going against its own principles. The right to self-determination is enshrined right in the UN, therefore the votes in the five oblasts that voted to join Russia are valid.

The UN is just a tool of the US anymore though. I told I loved it when the Iraqi guerrillas bombed the UN building and killed all those UN scums in Iraq. They ratified that imperialist Nazi-like war of aggression!

Did Putin violate your principle by invading the 82

Everyone speaks Russian down there. Various polls showed that 65-75

I suppose some of the pro-Ukies might have left for Ukraine though. It’s been well known for a long time that support for Russia in that area is the weakest among those pro-Russian oblasts. A good 25

Do you believe they voted to join Russia after being violently invaded?

As a matter of fact, they did. Solid majorities in all of those oblasts voted to join Russia after being invaded.

Crimea is 30

Putin’s leaked plans already came out. His attack on Kiev was not a draw.

Well, at first they went in with a small force and fought a very professional and humanitarian war, the object lesson of a humanitarian war in fact. They thought they would need a small force because Ukraine would just cave. In fact, Ukraine agreed to all of Russia’s demands in the first month but Boris Johnson ordered Ukraine to scuttle the deal.

At that point there would be no quick war so the quick war plan was shelved. Russia probably had 10-15 different plans for that war depending on contingencies. If one plan fails, they just go to another one. When they put in the new plan, there was no way they could take a hostile Kiev with 30,000 troops, so at that point it became a blocking action.

The USSR didn’t win if they tried to take the all of Finland and then settle for 9

Russia didn’t try to conquer and annex all of Finland. They just wanted regime change. Everyone knows the Finns sued for peace. You can read the actual document online.

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