Alt Left: What’s up in Iran?

We already know that the riots recently were completely fake. The young woman who died was not murdered by the police but instead she had a fatal stroke. He had had a brain operation at age eight. When she exited the police van, she was calm and collected and I’m not even sure if she was handcuffed! They let her out freely without any problems. She didn’t look roughed up. An autopsy afterwards showed that she had not been beaten in the head at all.

To this very day, the lying Western media continues to insist that this young Kurdish woman was murdered by the police, beaten to death. Obviously, they’re going to keep telling that lie forever even though it’s been proven false. Today they were talking about it on Pacifica Radio, the farthest left radio station on the dial in the US. This far Left station was insisting on the lie that this woman was murdered. For the Left, Globohomo is more important than honestly.

It’s true she was detained for not wearing a hijab, but that’s not serious charge. She was led into a courtroom full of mostly other young women and some minders with a judge’s chair in front. The atmosphere was extremely informal and the overall picture one got was one of traffic court or traffic school. She would have been sentenced to attend a three hour morality class, probably to be completed that day. That’s all the penalty that they give to women who break those laws.

So all of the riots were nothing but a huge fake, a tempest in a teapot, months of stupid riots over nothing at all.

There have been some executions but those people all murdered police officers and members of the Basij militias. People like to put down those militias as the regime’s thugs, but 40

We still don’t know how much support these latest riots had.

There were polls done during the last riots and only 15

We don’t have more recent figures on any of those questions, so we don’t know if more people oppose the regime now than did three years ago.

It is still up in the air just how religious Iranians are. Some polls show a large percentage of the population, possibly half the population, as non-religious or not very religious. However, in Palestine, 27

However, the regime does listen to the people. There was a big debate about the mandatory hijab and the role of the religious police in enforcing morals in this regard. By the way, our ally Saudi Arabia also has these very same religious police or muttawa. But I guess it’s ok when they do it. Hijab enforcement had gone on the wane for a long time, and especially in places like Tehran, countless women were wearing the bare minimum of a hijab that was pulled far back on the head so much or most of her hair was uncovered. No one seemed to mind much about that.

The regime had a big debate on whether to loosen the hijab laws and sadly, they decided not to amend the law. I was very disappointed. However, I have just now learned that recently the government has decided that although the law will remain on the books, it will not be enforced, and no woman will be detained for lack of a hijab. Bottom line is there is no mandatory hijab in Iran anymore. Of course the media never told you that because Iran has to be portrayed as evil and we can never say anything good about them.

Polls on the hijab question show a majority of women feel that the hijab should be optional, and it should be legal to outside without a hijab. However, a shocking 89

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