Alt Left: Who Is Supporting Russia in the US in This War?

In the US

It’s pretty much conservatives at this point, with a strong trend towards hardcore MAGA conservatives, who are actually literal fascists. A look at Breitbart shows that half of MAGA types are with Russia, and half are with Ukraine. This is definitely the largest group that is supporting Russia not only in the US but also elsewhere in the West.

I get my news from these types all the time, and I always have to sift through their cancerous and idiotic reactionary BS to get my pro-Russia information, but these are the best pro-Russian bloggers out there, so where you gonna go? There are a couple of Russian communists who are also strongly pro-Russia in this war, but they’ve left Twitter after they got banned.

Further to the Right is people who are best described as Alt Right. Once again, about half are with Russia and half are with Ukraine. Quite a few others don’t take a position but instead mourn it as “Whites killing Whites.”

Part of the problem is that hatred of the USSR was drilled into the very bones of US conservatives forever. After the USSR fell, many of these anti-Communists simply shifted their hatred of the USSR to hatred of Russia. Many liberals are the same. Shitlibs hated the USSR about as much as rightwingers. You repeatedly see people calling Russia a communist country among shitlibs and conservatives both. The pro-Ukraine sentiment on the Right is a legacy of old Cold War anti-Communist feelings against the USSR.

So you see that even in the demographic that most supports Russia in the US, it only has 50-50 support.

On the Never-Trumper Right or more Centrist Republicans, most seem to support Ukraine.

Most Centrists appear to support Ukraine. In fact, this is one of the largest demographics that supports Ukraine.

Liberals, or really just shitlibs because that’s all liberals are here, are probably the strongest and most fanatical supporters of Ukraine, which is odd because the government is obviously fascist and even on that end, it pushes the Nazi version of racist fascism. Which I guess US shitlibs just can’t get enough of.

Progressives, socialists, social democrats mostly seem to be soft supporters of Ukraine. Mostly these are the antiwar types. They support Ukraine but they want the war to be over.

Further to the left or possibly among the same group are anti-imperialists and antiwar types who support Russia. There are actually quite a few of these folks on this part of the Left. It might even be the predominant view. The group above truly despises this group and is incredulous that they refuse to support out and out Nazis! Imagine that!

Perhaps even further to the Left are out and out communists. Many, even Western ones, are supporting Russia. There is another section of this group which is opposing both parties on the grounds that both are imperialist or both are capitalist or some such Trotskyist BS.

In Europe

In Europe, it’s pretty much the same thing. The Hard Left and the Hard Right are both supporting Russia. It’s an odd combination, but maybe that’s not so. I’m starting to wonder if the Hard Left and the Hard Right are maybe the only two groups that are correct on certain issues. This shows that Horseshoe Theory is correct, but other than that, I don’t really understand.


Both the Hard Right and Hard Left regard much of what the Western governments and media says as lies. Instead they believe what appears to be the truth. But in many cases nowadays, the truth is referred to as “conspiracy theory.” As both Hard Left and Hard Right in the US are willing to consider some conspiracy theory, this may be why they are so correct on this issue. Of course conspiracy theory is often wrong and frequently badly so, but increasingly nowadays, the only people telling the truth are the “conspiracy theorists.”

Hence I am beginning to develop concepts like “life is now conspiracy theory.” The true, known reality of much of our world is indeed only correct by conspiracy theory, so in a way it makes sense. To believe in the truth, one must live in conspiracy theory because the reality that the government and media push is often fake and full of nothing but lies. Therefore most Normies are actually living in a fake or false world or a world that is not even real! And the truth, or life itself to a significant degree, is only covered by conspiracy theory.

Actually the idea that life itself is some sort of a conspiracy is rather appealing to me. So much of what we are taught from a young age is simply lies that a concept like that starts to make sense.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Who Is Supporting Russia in the US in This War?”

  1. That’s my experience in real life. Younger conservatives are pro-Russia. On the far/Alt-right it seems like more than 50% support Russia. On White dominant racial websites, only Ukrainians seem to side with the Uke Nazis.

    1. I was thinking on Unz. On Unz it’s about 50-50.

      On the far/Alt-right it seems like more than 50% support Russia. On White dominant racial websites, only Ukrainians seem to side with the Uke Nazis.

      On these White sites, who are the rest of them with? How many are with the Russians and how many are just neutral?

      Younger conservatives are pro-Russia.

      The older conservatives have the residue of all that Russia-hating during the Cold War because Russia was seen as = the USSR. That’s why more of them are anti-Russia.

      1. I wasn’t counting neutrals.

        Very few back Ukraine though, I believe the flaws are just too glaring. Uke Nazis aren’t respected by the entire non-Uke Far Right. Uke Nazis seem to be in their own world with too much Globohomo for non-Uke Nazis and friends.

          1. From what I’ve seen, less than 10% of the far right support Ukraine. Other percentages probably close.

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