Alt Left: What’s up with the Incessant Lying and Propaganda in the West about This War

All the psyops articles are to persuade Russia and Russians to quit and West and Ukraine to continue fight. Can’t expect accurate reporting in war, especially by nations who wrote the book on “manufacturing consent.”

We are worse than Pravda ever was and they will lie until they can’t anymore. Biden told Afghan president to continue lying how well Afghan Army was doing as he boarded plane with suitcases of cash for Dubai. The day Russia takes over Ukraine they will stop.

From the Net. Exactly. All the lying is “psychological operations” or “psyops.” Nations often lie like maniacs during wartime and losing sides lie a lot more than winning sides.

And of course, the lying is designed to demoralize Russia and the Russian people into thinking they’re losing or at least it’s not worth it in order to make them quit the fight. It’s also designed to keep the hopes of Ukraine and the West up. If they learn the truth that Ukraine is getting massacred, the morale of Ukrainian soldiers and civilian  may fall, soldiers won’t want to fight anymore, and civilians won’t support the war effort. And the populations in the West may become disgusted or bored with the war or think it is hopeless.

The commenter says that US is the country that wrote the book on “manufacturing consent.” Why do you think control of the media is so important. Why do you think Jews often grab the media first thing they do when they get to a new country? Mostly to protect the Jews but also they know how damned powerful the media is.

The West is actually worse now than Pravda ever was in the USSR. And we will lie until we can’t lie anymore, although that day will never come.

I had never heard that about Biden telling the Afghan President to lie about the war. I knew that he departed with suitcases full of cash.

I don’t think we will even stop when Russia wins. They will just spin it into a “pyrric victory.” Russia won but it wasn’t worth it due to the massive casualties, the ruined civilian population, the decline in national prestige, the loss of markets and reputation, and the ruined economy. In other words, they won but they lost more than they won, so the win wasn’t even worth it. I’m certain that that is how they will spin any Russian win. I’ll even bet on it.

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