Ukrainian Nazis Shoot and Bury Alive Soldiers Who Refused to Fight

4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Nazis Shoot and Bury Alive Soldiers Who Refused to Fight”

  1. I was searching to see if the guy buried survived, not likely but maybe they were trying to scare him. I would’ve let him be a nurse or something, not everyone’s a killer. All I get is articles about a Ukrainian buried by alive Russians who survived. The “Unkillable Ukrainian” they called him. The mainstream media has a real stranglehold on what we see.

        1. Yeah, I don’t know about this story. These would be the only two executions of civilians that I have heard of via the Russian Army in this whole war. If the Russians did this, they need to be prosecuted. There are severe penalties for this in the Russian Army. They need to find out who did this and prosecute them. Looks like they thought they were helping the army target Russian troops.

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