Alt Left: More Obsessive and Conspiratorial Antisemitism – JFK and 9-11

Unz is a great forum for this sort of thing, as even the owner, Ron Unz, who is Jewish, has gone in for this type of antisemitism big time.

I sometimes wonder if Ron knows exactly what sort of matches he is playing with. I feel like asking him, “What are you trying to do, start a pogrom?” He doesn’t think this sort of antisemitism is going to blow back on him. I’ve got some news for him and some advice. My advice: If you’re Jewish, don’t empower obsessive and conspiratorial antisemites! You don’t realize just how bad these people are for the Jews. They’re your deadly enemies.

The Jews (Israel) Killed JFK!

Unz thinks Israel killed JFK here and here. To give an example, his position is that “the Jews” (Israel) killed JFK. I’m not buying it. It’s clear that the CIA did. Not that Israel wouldn’t do such a thing. It’s clear that they have few red lines, which doesn’t say much for Jewish people in general since Israel is their state. But they didn’t kill this president. Just didn’t happen.

The other one is the age-old, “Jews (Israel) did 9-11.” I’m not buying it. Al Qaeda did it. Anyone knows that. Might Israel have done such a thing? I don’t know. That might be too far even for them. You have to remember though that Jews are one of the very few groups who have actually used nuclear weapons against their enemies since WW2. The other group is Americans, but as I’ve written before, Americans and Jews are not that different.

For one, they’re both unbelievably exceptionalist. Americans are certain that their country is better than any other country out there, and are willing to kill to preserve that chauvinist notion, which is even popular on the Left and among liberals. Far too many Jews think that Jews are better than everybody else. Both groups think they can get away with murder and that the rules don’t apply to them. Instead, the rules are for other people.

Bottom line, nope, Israel didn’t kill JFK.

The Jews (Israel) Did 9-11!

Unz thinks Israel did 9-11 here. Do I think Israel was involved in 9-11? It’s complicated. I have a feeling that they had some inkling of that the plot was up and they just let it happen. Keep in mind that hundreds of Jews did in the World Trade Center, so they ended up killing a lot of their own people. They let it happen and they didn’t warn us or try to stop it.

The evidence is pretty clear with the art students (Mossad spies), the five dancing and cheering Israelis on a rooftop watching the WTC burn and taking photos of it, a van full of Israelis stopped on a bridge to NYC with bomb materials in their car, on and on). This entire spy network was unrolled quickly after the attack and a lot of these Jews were detained. They were quickly released after some “consultations.”

Very quickly the entire matter was covered up, and it was said to be “career suicide” to even bring up Israel’s involvement in 9-11. Now if that doesn’t tell you that US Jews, via their ethnic state Israel, have the US government by the balls and own it lock, stock, and barrel on this one issue, I don’t know what does. On the other hand, most US Gentiles seem to be going along with being bought and paid for. It’s not like they’re all seething antisemites only supporting Israel because the Jews have a gun to their head.

Study after study shows majorities of Americans support Israel strongly (50-60

Contrary to hyperventilating, paranoid Jewish hysterics, that support figure for Palestinians in the US has been flat for 20-30 years, and it’s actually gone down from a peak 20-30 years ago. So all this Jewish BS about skyrocketing support in the US for Palestinians is just more paranoid kvetching. What has happened probably is, as with White Supremacy, the numbers of adherents have not gone up, but the supporters of this cause have just gotten a lot louder and angrier, so we see them more.

Sure, you would think that support for Palestinians is rising, but apparently it’s not. The Palestinians aren’t the greatest ethnic ambassadors. Their project has been nothing but sheer terrorism from the very start, all the while accusing the Jews and Israel of war crimes.

Knowing that it was maybe going to happen and just letting it go forward is awful sleazy. On the other hand, the hijackers were obviously Al Qaeda members and top AQ members have confessed to concocting the plot. When we trace the hijackers back, all the connections lead to Al Qaeda. If you want to look for a state which might have had more involvement, look at Saudi Arabia, whose role in this crime is still unexplained.

Nevertheless, the US government acted oddly. A witness has reported that Dick Cheney, ensconced in his hidden location, gave a specific order not to scramble jets to intercept the plane that was heading to the Pentagon 30 minutes before it hit. One wonders why he did that? What did he know? Did some US officials also let the attack happen so they could reap the benefits afterwards? Maybe.

Israel benefited from 9-11, as soon afterwards, the US embarked on a project to attack and overthrow 6-7 different Arab and Muslim governments in the region. This was relayed to us by Douglas Clark. I assume that Israel told the US they wanted those countries taken out and we said, “Yes, sir.”

Benjamin Netanyahu and Condoleeza Rice, a total sleazeball US imperialist and reactionary Black, both said that the attack opened up a lot of “opportunities” to the US. Some of the Mossad spies had the chutzpah to say, “We are not your problem. The Palestinians and Arabs are your problem and our problem. Now you know what we go through.” So this may have been some of the motivation for Israel looking the other way in the first place.

However, US Jews seem to have had little or no knowledge of this planned attack and played no role whatsoever in it, even if only letting it happen. As usual, that shitty little country acts far worse than US Jews do. Most of the real geopolitical crimes are committed by Israel. Sure, US Jews support them, but so what? So do a majority of US Gentiles. People are correct that linking Israel’s crimes to US Jews is wrong. Someone asked me on a forum a long time ago what I thought of Jews or if I was an antisemite. They knew I was anti-Israel.

Do I like Jews? You mean the ones squatting in Palestine? Hell no, I don’t like them one bit! The ones in the Diaspora? Why should I care about them? They’re not part of it!

Then the commenter said I was a “secular Arab nationalist” type, which is a good enough description for me. Any attempt to link US Jews to 9-11, either by letting it happen or otherwise, strikes me as awful sleazy.

End of the story is, nope, Israel didn’t do 9-11. On the other hand, they may have had an inkling about what was up but they didn’t try to stop it, which is pretty damn sleazy right there. Not only that but they got hundreds of Jews killed in the WTC. I had a list of victims and I went down the list counting Jewish names. I quit when I got to 400 and said forget it. So at least 400 Jews were killed in the attacks.

On the other hand though, it looks like Dick Cheney let one of the attacks happen too, so Israel’s not alone here.

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9 thoughts on “Alt Left: More Obsessive and Conspiratorial Antisemitism – JFK and 9-11”

    1. Either really tolerant or really stupid. He dishes out quite a bit of that antisemitism himself. Unz himself wrote those two articles.

      1. I don’t fully get him. On some level average Joes want to blame Jews or Whites. There’s a theory that the WASP elite would do the same stuff that the Jew elite does anyway. Unz talks about the WASP/Jew divide. He says Jews entered the racial frame in a WASP-mannered disguise but were disinfo agents. He really calls out Jews.

        In a movie about a Jew skinhead, The Believer, a character stated “The best anti-Semites are Jews.” I thought Black-blamers were insane, but you recently said Blacks were dominant in BLM-type groups.

        Sry for your loss btw. I’m not sure who you lost but I think you loved that person.

        1. How do you know I lost someone? How could you tell?

          Yes, my mother died a while back, maybe five months ago. I haven’t written about it. I don’t know what to say.

      2. Like some high IQ types, Ron Unz shows definite signs of autism and being way out “on the spectrum”. Also fairly obvious mental illness and very few friends in “real life”.

  1. For 911, Jews joyously dancing wasn’t a good look.

    I trust you on JFK. He was speaking a lot of truth before his death.

    Also, don’t think Kennedys murdered Marilyn Monroe. Seen a documentary on it, they were doing some coverup because JFK and Robert were fucking her. Worse thing they did cut her off cold turkey, as they were very close.

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