Alt Left: More Obsessive and Conspiratorial Antisemitism: Jews Caused the Great Depression!

There are so many example of this on Unz, it is ridiculous.

Here is one: The Jews Were Busy in the 1930’s, by Larry Romanoff. He’s one of the worst ones all. Very smart, lives in China, and is that not a Jewish name?

I often don’t read this stuff because it’s typically wrong and also it’s a bit disturbing, but I dipped into this one.

Turns out that “the Jews” run the US Federal Reserve and all of the other central banks in the world. News to me. However, of the nine people on the US board, I believe that ~6 of them are Jewish. Now why the Jews always need to stack the deck like this is beyond me. This BS just creates legions of antisemites.

How does your average Jew benefit by having 2/3 of those on the Reserve Board being Jewish? Does he get a check from Jewish Central Control every month? Of course not. So we could easily remove, say, five of these members and replace them with Gentiles simply on the argument that having a reserve board this stacked with Jews manufactures anti-Semites.

All of those people are filthy rich and will all just go get another good job somewhere else. The Jewish people themselves do not benefit from this charade, so why not end it? Now if you advocate removing five of those Jews so as not to cause a pogrom, a lot of ethnocentric Jews will flip out, call you antisemite, and accuse you of promoting “quotas for Jews.” There’s no pleasing a lot of these people. They’re just hopeless.

The thing is, no one has ever presented any evidence that these Reserve Board Jews work specifically for the Jewish people and against everyone else. They work for the rich and the capitalists and corporations of America. This is where the phrase “the socialism of fools” comes from.

People see a bunch of rich Jews at the top of the economy in capitalist countries and think the problem is just a bunch of Jews, not capitalism itself, as if those rich Gentiles act any better! Get rid of the Jews and the capitalists won’t be slimy and destructive anymore. With the Gentile rich in charge, the capitalism will be nice and touchy-feely. It’s silly.

Anyway, then he goes on with this theory that the “bankers in the city of London,” who are apparently a bunch of Jews, control the world economy. This is not an old theory – it was touched on by Carroll Quigley in Tragedy and Hope, but he didn’t say they were a bunch of Jews. More like a bunch of WASP’s. As an Irish Catholic, he saw these rich WASP’s as controlling or trying to control the world, and he didn’t like it.

Then Romanoff goes on to talk about the Rothschilds bugaboo. Now, granted, these rich Jewish scumbags called the Rothschilds are the worst, but I’m not sure they’re any worse than any very rich Gentiles. These people are all the same, Jew or Gentiles. Sure, they’re scumbags, but they’re scumbags because they’re rich, not because they’re Jewish or whatever.

These loudmouths did use to control a lot of British society and played an important role in Europe. They said stupid things along the lines that “we control countries,” “we are behind most wars,” “give me the money of a country, and I will control the country.” They were behind the Balfour Declaration.

I think Jewish bankers were prominent in Europe before WW2. But then a little thing called WW2 happened, and, well, let’s just say that the Jews don’t own the banks in Europe anymore. Even David Duke says the Jews don’t run the banks anymore, and if they did, you know he’d be the first one to point it out.

The Jews never made inroads in US commercial banking. They tried to but thanks to collective action by Gentile antisemites, they were stopped. When the Jews are waging ethnic warfare in your country, they can only stopped by antisemitism, otherwise they’ll take over a lot of your economy.

In this sense, antisemitism is ethnic warfare waged right back against the Jews, and it’s adaptive. However, in the modern era, Jews don’t seem to be waging ethnic warfare like they did in the US from 1890-1920. So Jews waging ethnic warfare literally creates antisemitism.

On the other hand, any collective group that is waging ethnic warfare in your country against the others will have to be confronted by the others waging ethnic warfare right back at them. None of this is helpful and all it does is cause lots of bigotry, discrimination, ethnic hatred, and strife.

Unfortunately the Jews did make significant inroads into financial banking in the US at this time. They’re still important there but they don’t run the show. Henry Ford lays all of this out in his great but flawed book, The International Jew.

Anyway, Romanoff says that the Rothschilds have so much money, I guess mostly hidden, that they have more than the GDP of countries like the US and China. This doesn’t seem right. Why doesn’t all this wealth show up in some country’s economic figures, making it the richest in the world? I don’t know if this is true or not, but it seems real dubious to me.

Romanoff is convinced that the “Jewish” Federal Reserve worked (and I guess works) hand in hand with the Rothschilds to advance the interests of the Jews and screw everyone else. Apparently this group literally caused the Great Depression! Jews caused the Depression! Who knew? They deliberately crashed the economy because the author says this is a Jewish project for a long time – crashing economies. You’d think there’s nothing in it for them, but then the Jews supposedly swoop in and buy up all the bankrupted businesses at a dime on the dollar.

Problems with this theory. You crash the economy and you wipe out everyone, most of the businesses, and many of the rich. The Jewish rich and businesses will get wiped out as bad as the Gentile rich and businesses. So they’re going to crash their own economy! Then, somehow, the Jews, who mysteriously retained lots of money in the crash, swoop in and buy up everything for nickels on the dollar.

Problem is who says the Jews are going to be any less affected by this crash as anyone else? They’ll be as wiped out as the Gentiles. If the Gentiles don’t have the money to swoop in and buy up businesses on the cheap, why would the Jews? It doesn’t make sense.

And why wouldn’t anyone with money who survived the crash, Jewish or Gentile, take advantage of the crash by buying businesses on the cheap? The Gentile rich would be as likely as the Jewish rich to do this. Anyway, this didn’t even happen. Those businesses were so worthless and the economy was so awful that there was no point buying those worthless businesses no matter how cheap they were.

Another problem is that there’s no evidence that this happened. Did US Jews somehow make out like bandits in the Depression and gain massive wealth and business control that they did not have before? There’s no evidence of this. They didn’t have any more money or business control before the Depression than they did afterwards.

I quit reading right about there. There’s a lot more that I didn’t even bother to get to, but I’m sure it was just more of the same. You can go there yourself and see if any of it adds up or its just more craziness.

I will say one thing: if what this guy said in his article is true, people would be well within their rights to dislike Jewish people and even hate them as a group. I still don’t think they should be harmed, but hate feelings tend to lead to physical harm.

This why this type of antisemitism is so dangerous: it makes it seem like the only sensible thing for a Gentile to do is to hate Jews, as Jews seem to be behind so many of the bad things in our world. Which leads to Jew-hatred, which leads to attacks on Jews, which leads too…well, you know where this goes…a pogrom. If this stuff was true it would be one thing. Then we could talk and maybe even deal. But it’s not even true! So it’s a dangerous slander against the Jewish people.

The problem with this type of antisemitism is that, among other things, it is lazy thinking. The problems and issues in our world are not easy to understand and typically have all sorts of causes, along with villains and misguided people, most of whom are just acting human. They’re engaging with the dark side of being human for sure, but they’re acting human nonetheless. The dark half of us as human beings is as real and valid as the good side, and we are all capable of falling into it. That many do is no surprise.

But these problems are often very complicated, and it’s often hard to figure out who’s the good guy and who’s the  bad guy or even what is happening in the first place because there are so many actors doing so many different things that it’s hard to piece it all together.

People aren’t particularly smart, despite out pretensions otherwise. Sadly, a 100 IQ isn’t really enough to figure out what’s causing the problems or issues of our time, though a nation with an average IQ of 100 would have plenty of such folks, but even many of them will get it wrong because they are subject to emotion and emotion warps logic.

In addition to not being very smart, people are lazy. Even very smart people are lazy. We like to take the easy way in…well…everything! If you know a faster way to get somewhere than the usual way, don’t you take it to save time and money? Why wouldn’t you?

We are always looking for shortcuts in everything so we don’t do unnecessary work. As long as it doesn’t lead to jerry-rigging and fly-by-night plans, it’s all good. The thing is the brain is also lazy. It likes to use shortcuts and it’s always trying to figure out the easiest way to an answer. All of this of course is completely adaptive as long as performance isn’t compromised.

But the problems and issues of our time are so complex that most people, even smart people, just don’t want to take the time to sift through the mess and try to put it all together. Do you know how much time I spend on the Net and TV trying to make sense of the world? And I’m a very  smart person. Most people simply don’t have the time and inclination to sift through the mess and figure out what’s really behind this or that. So they take shortcuts:

  • It’s all the Democrats/liberals/left’s fault.
  • It’s all the Republicans/conservatives/reactionaries’ fault.
  • It’s all the fault of the communists or fascists.
  • It’s all the fault of the people destroying our morals.
  • It’s all the fault of drugs.
  • It’s all the fault of racism of this or that sort.
  • It’s all the fault of capitalism/socialism, etc.
  • It’s all the fault of bigotry of some sort or another.
  • It’s all the fault of men hating women and treating them badly.
  • It’s all the fault of religion – Christianity/Islam/etc.
  • It’s all the fault of social media.
  • It’s all the fault of corporations.
  • It’s all the fault of greed.
  • It’s all the fault of low self esteem.
  • It’s all the fault of people being mentally unhealthy.
  • It’s all the fault of the government.
  • It’s all the fault of the (career) politicians.

Almost all of these shortcuts are wrong most of the time,  even if some of them sum things up better than others. People want one cause. One cause doing one thing. That makes it easy to understand.

  •  It’s all the fault of the Jews

is just another shortcut. It’s sums up the actors and behaviors of a problem and sadly provides quite an easy solution – thwart, block, oppress, remove, kill or discriminate against, throw them out, etc.

So that’s what this type of antisemitism is. It’s people looking for easy answers to problems. Are they scapegoating? I’m not sure. Perhaps. Jews have a lot of  power and a lot of money, and any group like that is going to be the source of a lot of conspiracy theory, some of which is probably correct.

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