Alt Left: Scott Ritter: Russia Is on the Right Side of History

By the way, all of Ritter’s videos are outstanding.

Takeaway quote from the video:

“Which means everything we say is a lie. We don’t talk straight to anybody. We claim to be your friend, but we blow up your infrastructure. We claim to be your allies, but we carry out the economic equivalent of Pearl Harbor. When is the world going to wake up to this?

By the way, Ritter is referencing the outrageous blowing of the Nordstream pipeline by the US, Norway, and NATO. Denmark, Poland and especially the UK seem to have been in on it too. However, what was always missing was proof.

The great investigative reporter Seymour Hersh published an article recently proving what we all knew: that the West was behind the pipeline sabotage. Hersh has already been persona non grata for the US Deep State (which encompasses almost all of Congress and both political parties) for blowing the whistle on our disgusting war crimes and shenanigans. Hersh was already seriously sidelined but now he’s in the process of being canceled. Even Wikipedia (the voice of the CIA) has a section bashing him on its page about him.

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