Alt Left: British TV Goes to Russia!

A recent segment on British TV, I think the Independent,  was called, “What Russians Really Feel about Putin’s War.” As I noted, 13

Anyway, this British reporter goes out and finds 5-10 Russians, I think in downtown Moscow (Traitor Central along with downtown St. Petersburg), and they all oppose the war and a number openly support Ukraine! Amazing. I thought Russia was a dictatorship!

I’m told that the downtowns of Moscow and St. Petersburg are swarming with these young hipster types. They look to the West and see themselves as culturally Western. Many of them hate Putin and the government. Most are anti-war and quite a few openly support Ukraine!

So anyway, British TV goes to a country, finds an issue that has tiny support in the population – opposition to the Z War – and make it out like 13

All the Western media is dishonest like this. See how they scam you? See how they lie to you? Why do you keep believing the state and the MSM, two entities for whom pathological lying is an art form.

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