Alt Left: About Scott Ritter’s “Sex Crimes”

And no, Scott Ritter is not a pedophile.

His crimes involved sending dick pics to fake 15 year old girls. But even if they were real, his behavior is not abnormal in an anthropological sense. We males are wired up to be extremely attracted to 15-17 year old girls. 100

So it is absolutely normal for any man who’s not gay or dead to be turned on by a 15 year old girl! But is it normal to do sexual things with them? In an anthropological sense, yes because this is part of normal male sexuality. You can argue that it’s an evolutionary throwback or residue from our hunter-gatherer days, and I won’t disagree with you.

It’s not considered normal in our society, but it’s perfectly normal in many other places in the world. However, I would argue that there are many human behaviors that are normal in an anthropological sense that are considered crimes in our more civilized era. This behavior was ok back in hunter-gatherer days, but in our modern civilized society, we like to think we beyond this throwback behavior.

Well, fine! I won’t argue with you if you want to outlaw this sort of stuff. I just want the hysteria to die and for the punishment to fit the crime. The punishments for violations of these minor sex laws are all out of proportion to the nature of the crime. It’s beyond Draconian. It’s positively Medieval.

And anyway, even if it’s “normal,” it’s the type of “normal behavior” that might just get you 10 years in prison! Just because something is “normal” in an evolutionary sense doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do it. In fact, I would argue that most crime is “normal behavior.” Most of it is certainty not disordered behavior, that’s for sure!

Behaviors are either crazy (disordered) or sane (not disordered). By this metric, the vast majority of criminals are not even 1

The so-called paraphilia in play here – ephebophilia – is not even a disorder! In fact, it’s not even abnormal, as all men are extremely attracted to these girls. Another definition means a preference for 15-19 year old girls, which seems a bit odd. Exactly how many men have a preference like this to the degree that they are turned on only a little or not at all to females age 20+? I’d say very few. The preference itself strikes me as ridiculous. You’d prefer a teenybopper to a grown woman? How absurd.

Ritter got caught in a couple of those dirty sex stings the pigs like to run. Both involved cops pretending to be 15 year old girls. Keep in mind that 15 year old girls are legal in most of Europe. Completely legal. Go out and have sex with as many of them as you want!

In the next one, he fell for it again in a chatroom, and he sent a pig posing as a 15 year old girl a picture of his dick. He explained that he thought she was an adult woman pretending to be a 15 year old girl, and that’s why he played along. LOL that’s exactly what she was! But because she was a pig and not non-police officer, he goes to jail!

Anyway, that seems like a weak crime. Even sending a real 15 year old girl a picture of your dick isn’t much of a crime. Back in the 1970’s, cops wouldn’t even arrest on something that stupid. They would say that they have to wait until he actually has sex with her, and even then, they would have to get the girl’s parents to agree to press charges.

Back then, parents refused to press charges against men banging 15-17 year old girls all the time. Nowadays, even that won’t get you off the hook. What if the girl says she doesn’t want to press charges and won’t testify. This also used to happen all the time back in the day, and if that happened, they would just drop the charges.

Victim says she’s not a victim. No victim, no crime, right? How on Earth is it a crime if the fake “victim” screams, “But I’m not a victim! I wanted to do this!”? It’s ridiculous.

Nowadays none of that matters. Even if the parents don’t want to press charges, the pig state presses charges anyway on behalf of the state. Somehow the state itself got harmed by some guy banging a 15 year old girl, even though no one got hurt and everyone was consensual and had a good time? It’s ridiculous!

And nowadays, there are new laws where they press charges against men even where the girl insists she wasn’t harmed and refuses to testify. They go ahead and bust the guy anyway even though the fake “victim” says she’s not a victim and refuses to testify in court! Ridiculous! We talk about victimless crimes a lot, and this is one more crazy example. By the way, pigs are prosecuting BS chickenshit victimless crimes all the time these days.

You’ll note that I call cops pigs. I’m not really a cop hater or at least not anyway. I call them and the system pigs when they arrest and prosecute people for chickenshit BS crimes. I assure you that police do not have to make an arrest in a crime.

They can simply refuse to make an arrest. They can bring the guy back to the station and chief can say to release him. They can arrest and jail him and then let him out because the prosecutor refuses to press charges.

When cops are out there catching real criminals, I won’t call them pigs. I’ll call them cops and I’ll support them in this endeavor.

I’m not sure what should be done about this. This BS is barely even a crime, and no one would be arrested for it back in the day. If a man actually banged a 15 year old girl back then, and she agreed to press charges, he might get 3-6 weeks in jail, something like that. Keep in mind that I’m not opposed to guys getting 3-6 weeks in jail for banging a 15 year old girl.

Trust me, even six weeks in there is Hell on Earth like you’ve never experienced in your life! What makes all these idiot Normies think jail is easy time? Why don’t these Normies volunteer to have themselves put in jail to see what it feels like?

I’ve spend six hours in jail and those were the worst six hours of my life. People don’t get it. And prison’s way worse than jail in a lot of ways (it’s better than jail in other ways). I don’t understand why idiots think that any substantial jail or prison time is a slap on the wrist. Trust me, it’s not! Been there, done that!

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One thought on “Alt Left: About Scott Ritter’s “Sex Crimes””

  1. Beyond draconian and medieval indeed. It is one of the foremost injustices of our modern era and contributes heavily to the imbalance in Anglosphere society. Now, men are getting decades in prison when they don’t even have sex. You can’t even raise the issue neutrally on Elon’s supposedly “tolerant” Twitter because he is trying to court feminist Conservatives.

    I would argue that it is actually uncivilized behavior to oppress and criminalize natural, victimless, and joyful behavior. If a society wants to disincentivise youthful post-pubescent sexuality for some strange and obviously unhealthy reason, there are far more civilized ways to do it. How about the example of smoking? Did reducing that require penalties of decades in jail and slander as someone who is grotesquely evil, or even a jail sentence at all? Of course not.

    There is clearly a deeper, fascist agenda at work. Your post on fascism really cleared that up for me, actually.

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