Alt Left: Why Ukrainian Nationalists Kill Teachers

Remember this video I posted of a Ukrainian actual Neo-Nazi militia executing four lady schoolteachers in Kupyansk? Turns out they were all Russian language teachers, and not only that but they had been brought in specifically from Russia to teach Russian in the schools. That right there is definitely going to make them a target for the Nazis.

A couple of commenters on the web note:

Commenter 1: One of the particular and peculiar forms of Ukraine Nationalism involves the school curriculum.

In Bulgakov’s White Guard, the Ukrainian nationalists go out of their way to kill schoolteachers. The main Ukrainian villain in White Guard is a former Ukrainian literature teacher. He liked to burn down schools and churches that had a Russian language connection. So yes, these killings look to be aimed at schoolteachers specifically.

To a degree that a Gaelic-speaking Irishman might find perverse, the Ukies do appear to be engaged in enhanced concern over language critique. It is an Enhanced Culture of Critique in a sense.

Commenter 2: What a nice society Ukraine has – one that kills schoolteachers! Actually, this is quite the tradition with Ukrainian nationalists or Banderites (a.k.a followers of Stepan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist, who is now a national hero in Ukraine).

In Western Ukraine after WW2, the Banderites used to single out teachers and physicians for death for some reason. They were too cowardly to face the Red Army, but killing civilians, especially professionals, was very much their style. Such good people!

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