Alt Left: Why the Soviets Hated and Russians Hate NATO

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When NATO was formed in 1949, the Soviets already knew that:

  • the USA was actively planning to use its nuclear monopoly to attack the Soviet  Union
  • had recruited thousands of Nazis and other fascists to its ranks
  • had NOT ‘de-Nazified’ West Germany but instead filled the puppet regime with almost Nazis only (no others existed with administrative experience, after all)
  • had provided sanctuary to the Japanese war criminal Shiro Ishii and his bio-warfare ‘research’
  • had intervened in the Greek civil war on the side of the fascists
  • and were actively supporting Ukrainian fascists inside the USSR, part of Operation Aerodynamic, etc.

NATO was a menace to the USSR then, and it’s a menace to Russia now. It’s time to disband this international terrorist organization.

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