Alt Left: Why Some East European Nationalists Are Nazis

From the Net:

Commenter: Neo Nazis are steadfast anti-Jewish. You are creating an entirely new version of Nazis. That simply makes no sense.

My response:

National Socialism or racist fascism can unfold in any group. There is a big Nazi underground in Mongolia. They want to some sort of “pure Mongolian state.”

Fascism need not be racist. Mussolini wasn’t.

But if it is racist fascism, it’s “Nazism”: racist, blood and soil, Volkisch, racial purity-based ethnic ultranationalism.

Symbols and words mean whatever people who use them say that they mean. Nothing has a hard and fast meaning, and the meanings of words change all the time. A word itself is little more than a “tag” you stick on some object. The tag is not the object. Check out Heidegger.

I’m not sure if you realize that Nazis had a different goals:

1. Jewish exterminationism. 2. Gay exterminationism. 3. Mental and physical defective exterminationism. 4. Gypsy exterminationism. 5. Soviet, Russian, or Slavic exterminationism.

The Soviet extermination applied to Communist Party members and local officials.

Generalplan Ost was an exterminationist plan for Slavs, especially those in Russia.

The East European Nazis just don’t care about Jews anymore for some reason. Hell, they have Jewish members of these Nazi battalions! These are of the Jewish Ukrainian Russophobic Nazi variety.

The Nazism in this part of the world tends now to be focused on Russians (as Hitler was). This is the part they are borrowing from. A lot of them hate Gypsies too. And Ukrainian Nazis have exterminationist attitudes towards Hungarians, Poles, and Greeks too. Ukrainian nationalism is: “kill all the non-Ukrainians to create the racially pure Ukrainian state.”

The nationalists in Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland (all of these except Belarus are basically Nazi countries) are of course associated with the nationalism in each nation. The Nazis freed these peoples from the hated Soviets. Nazism in these countries means “kill the Russians so we can be free and independent.”

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