Alt Left: The Peculiar Nature of Neo-Nazism in Ukraine

People have asked me how many Nazis there are in Ukraine? So hard to say! Hardcore members and supporters of the Nazi militias? 20

However, Ukrainian nationalism itself is simply a Nazi ideology period. So all Ukrainian nationalists are de facto Nazis. And since 2014, Ukrainian nationalism with strong Nazi overtones has been the reigning ideology of the state. Statues and posters of Ukrainian nationalists, almost all of whom were Nazi collaborators, are everywhere in Ukraine. School lessons starting as early as elementary school have students studying and even coloring in coloring books works that shower praise on various Ukrainian nationalist militias, all of them Nazi collaborators.

It is very common for minors to be sent to summer camps (young children go to one type of camp and teenagers go to another type).

There they get Ukrainian nationalism or Banderism drilled into their heads along with their Nazi slogans: “Slava Ukraini” (“Glory to Ukraine”) and “Heroyam Slava” (“Glory to the heroes”) are two of these. Another is “Death to the Enemies.” I don’t know the Ukrainian form of that slogan.

The truth is that all of these slogans were originally thought up by Ukrainian nationalists, all of whom were Nazi collaborators. They even shouted these slogans at the trials the Soviets put them on after the war.

These groups massacred 300,000 people (mostly Jews and Poles and to a lesser extent, Gypsies and Russians) during WW2. So these are all Nazi slogans, bottom line. It’s no different from jutting your arm out in a Roman salute and saying: “Heil Hitler!”

It’s stunning the way that these Nazi slogans have been normalized in the West. When Zelensky the Nazi Jew came to the US Congress to beg for more money for his Nazi army, Nancy Pelosi of all people, feted him and yelled, “Slava Ukraini!” at the main podium of the Speaker of the House. That’s no different from Pelosi yelling “Heil Hitler!”

Since 2014, the state has erected statues of, named streets after, and put up huge posters of the heroes of Ukrainian nationalism, who are almost all Nazi collaborators from WW2. The ones from before them in the 1920’s are best described as proto-Nazis and they committed mass murders too, at least of Jews and Gypsies.

Ukrainian nationalism is a blood and soil ethnic nationalism based on ethnic purity. It despises Russians on a racial basis as “impure Whites contaminated with the blood of ‘Asian Huns from the steppes.’” Whereas Western Ukrainian nationalism has seen Western Ukrainians as pure Whites and better yet, pure Aryans or Germanics, though it’s not true.

From its beginnings in 1920, Ukrainian nationalism has emphasized Ukraine for (racial) Ukrainians and has targeted and murdered non-Ukrainians in general. There have been pogroms and massacres of Jews, Poles, Gypsies, and Russians. From the very start, Ukrainian nationalism has also labeled Hungarians and Romanians as “enemies of the people.”

Since 2014, there have been extreme persecutions of Greeks and Hungarians in Ukraine. Recently the Hungarian language was banned, and all Hungarian schoolteachers were fired. Nazi militias showed up in Hungarian villages and put up signs and made videos threatening the Hungarians.

I would say that ~70

Ukrainian nationalism in its new guise is not very anti-Semitic, although it was in the past. They don’t talk about Jews much. The worst Nazi militias have Jewish members. One has a rabbi and small synagogue for its Jewish members to worship in.

Ukraine is an odd place. Some of these Jews in the radical militias have Nazi symbols tattooed on their bodies. Many Ukrainian Jews are literally a bizarre form of “Nazi Jew!” It seems odd but you must understand this bizarre place called Ukraine. In the 1920’s, Jews (who denied their Jewishness) led pogroms against Jews that killed 20,000 people.

However, if you substitute “Russians” for every time Nazis said “Jews,” you will have modern Ukrainian nationalism. Nazism said “exterminate the Jews.” They didn’t have friendly plans towards Slavs either and Nazism could also be seen as saying, “exterminate the Slavs (or at least the Russians.”

Generalplan Ost was genocidal towards Slavs, at least those in the USSR who were also considered inferior according to Nazi theory. Slavs were considered a “slave”-like people in the Nietzschian sense. The Nazis also considered them “slave-like” because they did not resist Communism but instead generally welcomed it with open arms. Both Russian Slavs and Jews were conflated with Communism in Nazi theory.

Ukrainian Nazism takes out the “Jews” and substitutes “Russians” and says “exterminate the Russians” instead of “exterminate the Jews” though they did a pretty good job of the latter in WW2. A similar type of anti-Russian though not particularly anti-Semitic Nazism is rife in Finland, the Baltics, and among the Belarus opposition. All of the main heroes of Baltic, Belorussian, and Ukrainian nationalism were Nazi collaborators, and there are statues of them everywhere in the Baltics and Ukraine.

As a recent poster on the Net put it:

National Socialism can mean two different discrete things.

1. Antisemitism

2. Drang Nach Osten with a side of Lebensraum


1. In 1941, most of the Jews in the world lived in Poland and Ukraine. Germany rolled in and the locals executed them. The big cities became Jew-free or Judenrein.

2. In 1941, Germany sought living space to colonize. The Russians were in the way, living on the productive real estate.

Today the Ukies and Poles expect to drive east and establish colonies on top of Moscow and St Petersburg. There are so few Jews occupying these lands now that only the Russians are the targets. Germany may or may not support this new Eastern drive.

So 70

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