Alt Left: People Underestimate How Many Self-Hating Whites Are Out There

It’s not just Jews and non-Whites pushing Critical Race Theory and anti-Whiteness. People really underestimate how many self-hating Whites there are out there. And they are probably the biggest part of this anti-White thing in terms of numbers and possibly even influence.

From the Net:

Race denial and self-destructive egalitarianism existed before the waves of Russian Jews arrived. Egalitarians paraded around Frederick Douglas as “proof” that race didn’t exist. Lincoln spoke of the Liberia plan but then never mentioned it to Congress once the war had started. In fact, Lincoln suspended the Constitution to keep his war race war going.

The Jew-blamers underestimate how many egalitarian Whites take a hard look at reality and then conclude that controlling their fellow Whites is the best option.

Too many Whites have leftover egalitarian genes from living in cohesive groups in harsh environments where mutual respect is tantamount. This better explains why both Swedes and Minnesota Nords have been so self-destructively leftwing. They no longer have to work to survive long winters and instead turn their egalitarian instincts towards the race question.

It also explains why so many White women are hopelessly egalitarian. Their natural sense of nurturing combined with egalitarian genes drives them towards liberalism.

Robert Lindsay here was actually quite an inspiration to me because I had to deal with the dark side of race denial in public education.

None of it involved these nebulous Jews that you think are behind all egalitarian deceit. It was mostly White women not only cheating the system but also sandbagging White kids. I saw White women actually taking the time out of their lessons to demotivate White boys, as in they made the White boys do extra work to reduce their confidence for the sake of equality.

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: People Underestimate How Many Self-Hating Whites Are Out There”

  1. In college some female teachers were against the White men. For me personally these man-hating feminist teachers were the worst. One Jew teacher was hated by all who had him. I didn’t, so he mostly just created anti-Semites. He also seemed to creep college girls out.

    Swedes and MN Nords are generally passive. Minnesotans are like Californians naturally, no weed needed. Sleepy and seemingly slow with little venom.

    I have the same manners as any Minnesotan, so I can talk about fringe topics, and no one bats an eye. Most refuse to see what they don’t like if you tick enough boxes they like.

    Some of the hottest women around here like me but I disagree with most of them. For whatever reason, the hotter she is, the more I disagree with her. More of my true feelings can be found on this site than in a woman’s Earthy ears. I don’t want to be anti-woman. They do more for me in life than guys do. Women do have a bigger rap sheet than the Jews I’ve met. In their defense, they seem rather clueless. I think more Jews think for themselves.

    My female cousins that go Black won’t touch a Somali, so even they have a limit. Some White dudes want to hang with Somalis, but they often feel rejected. Their hearts extend further than their reach.

    1. LOL not at all.

      He thinks you are too friendly to the National Socialist regime in Germany from 1933-45. You seem to apologize for it at times or even think it was a good thing. That’s what he doesn’t like. Thing is though, if you don’t want to kill Jews (and I think you don’t), why feel good about Hitler’s government? Persecuting and killing Jews was what they were all about.

      1. Glass half-full kinda thing. I’ve cut back in very recent years. I’ve dabbled as an aside to being extremely pro-White. I still am more pro-German than most. I actually am for all Europeans, even non-White admixed ones. Admixed ones add to European diversity. Even early on I felt like every type of beauty, from exotic to comfort food, was within the Eurosphere.

        My strict nationalistic views were actually Japanese-inspired, the first group I was interested in. I was a huge Japanophile before highschool, more than most. Their nationalists seem more strict than European ones, but I applied their views and high standards to European nationalism.

        Luxembourg had youth camps not for unaffiliated Nazis but inspired by them. Actual Nazis weren’t popular there. So I think we can filter out the negatives of National Socialism. NS saw Luxembourgers as part of the German Master Race but didn’t even handle them right. Germans from Germany were always put first.

        I’m pro-Russian and don’t believe in German supremacy outside of Germany, so I’m anti-Nazi I’m some ways.

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