Alt Left: Who Really Shot Down the M17 Jetliner?

People say that the shooting down of the M17 airliner, which was certainly done by a Ukrainian fighter jet and not by drunken rebels with a Buk missile, was a CIA project. I’m not sure if that’s true and I doubt it. However, there is good evidence from a hacked email that a DIA agent in Kiev knew about this upcoming operation a few months before it happened. The DIA takes orders from the CIA. So it looks like some Ukrainians were plotting to shoot down an airliner and blame it on the rebels and Russia a few months before the shoot down!

The operation itself was a tightly guarded secret inside Ukraine such that the security forces themselves in the Interior Ministry didn’t even know about it and were as shocked as anyone when it happened. They were running around the ATC tower afterwards:

We shot down a plane! Why did we shoot down that plane?

These Ukrainian oligarchs almost control their own armies within armies. The shoot down was a plot by one of the worst Jews on Earth, the mafioso oligarch (((Kolomoisky))) and his own internal forces or militia. The plane took off from a military base in his province that he pretty much controlled. When the plane returned, it was missing one of its missiles. That missile had been fired at M17. The pilot and a female co-conspirator were spirited out of the country and were later spotted in the UAE. Photos of them appeared in the media. I’m not sure what’s become of him.

There is evidence that the shoot down may have been a mistake. Apparently the plotters thought that Putin was on the jet. Instead he was on another one nearby. They mistook M17 for the plane he was on. So they tried to kill Putin (and a bunch of passengers) but instead just killed a bunch of passengers without Putin. I doubt if that lets them off the hook.

After the Ukrainians figured out that they themselves did it, the coverup began, and stories began to be planted in the newspapers about how the rebels had shot it down.

The plot was complex.

The day before the shoot down, Ukrainian soldiers in Russian uniforms speaking Russian with Ukrainian accents with a truck carrying a Buk missile had been spotted at a gas station in a nearby town under rebel control asking directions. This was supposed to be the fake “Buk that shot down the jet.” No Buk had ever been spotted on rebel territory before or after that time. However, the Ukrainian Army had eight Buks in the nearby vicinity.

Then, right around the time of the shoot down, a Buk launcher was set up in the general area, and a group of Ukrainian soldiers were put around it surrounded by beer bottles lying on the ground. This was supposed to be the “drunken rebels (see the bottles?) who shot down the Buk by mistake,” which was the false flag cover story. The CIA got a photo of this group and publicized it but noted that the soldiers were wearing Ukrainian uniforms. Then the story quickly changed to “rebels wearing Ukrainian uniforms.” See how the story keeps changing?

One way to tell a false flag is if the cover story appears far too soon before there’s been any investigation of the incident, especially if the cover story is set up to blame an enemy of the West. The Western press and the US government started saying “the rebels did it accidentally with a Buk missile” almost instantly. Even if the rebels would have done it, the US could not have known so that fast.

Another way to tell a false flag or fake story is that the story keeps changing. You will note that when a real serious military incident happens, the story is pretty clear from early on. With a false flag, the story changes all the time as parts of the false flag get exposed so new lies have to be made to cover up for the previous lies that got exposed.

Remember how many times the Skirlpal story changed? Remember how many times the Navalny Novichok story changed? Every time a hitch in the story is uncovered, immediately a new story comes up that accounts for the hitch.

I’ve never seen an actual incident where the official story kept changing like that.

I don’t think the CIA was all that in on it. Half the CIA now believes that a Ukrainian jet shot M17 down. The other half says the rebels did it, but they used another missile that was not a Buk, since the CIA is unanimous that there was no Buk in rebel hands at any time.

Seems like an inside job by a cabal inside the Ukrainian state without the state’s knowledge that may have been known about by a small group of US agents outside the group.

Of course everyone got in on the coverup.

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