Alt Left: This Is What Happens if You Tell the US Military to Pack up Its Bases and Go Home

Remember when Iraq voted to throw the US and its bases out of Iraq? Trump flipped out, threatened to attack Iraq and especially threatened to confiscate all of its foreign reserves in US banks, which was $3 billion. Trump basically said:

Hell no! I’m not leaving! Make me!

And soon afterwards there were Color Revolution riots all over Southern Iraq and Baghdad. Trump called up the Iraqi President and told him that he had started the Color Revolution because of the law telling us to pack up and go home. He ordered the President to get rid of the law or else. The president refused.

Next. Trump ordered US Marine Corps snipers on rooftops in Baghdad and the US Embassy to open fire on both police and protestors. Many people were killed and after that, the riots turned deadly on their own with both sides shooting at each other. Trump called up the President and ordered him once again to get rid of the law. The president refused.

Notice how many times the US and NATO have done this trick with “mysterious snipers shooting both sides?” So far, I count Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Thailand, Venezuela, and Ukraine, and there may be others.

Later, Trump called up the President again and said he would have him killed unless he got rid of the law. The President refused again. He was never killed, but I believe he was replaced later on.

All of this information is straight from the the Iraqi President himself, who relayed his conversations with Trump to the media.

All these MAGA clowns who think Trump is the greatest thing since sliced bread are wrong. The War Party encompasses both parties and almost all major politicians. Both parties support US imperialism to the hilt.

All these antisemites on here blame da Jooz for all of our wicked foreign policy machinations. This is nothing but “the anti-imperialism of fools.” Just get rid of the dirty Jews and the good Gentiles in the Deep State will start acting real nice. LOL!

Sure, a few of these folks are Jewish, but the Gentiles in the Deep State are in on it too. All of this is really being run by the Deep State, which is not really Jewish. It’s just capitalist imperialism. Read Lenin sometime. It encompasses the rich of the US, the major corporations, all of the media, both political parties, the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, on and on. Basically the Deep State has the country by the short hairs.

Trump’s actions in Iraq show that he was as Deep State as anyone. All of his ranting about the Deep State was BS. The last US President who took on the Deep State was JFK, and look what happened to him.

Any country telling the US to take its bases and take off back to the US is going to be in for a similar treatment. The only reason we pulled our bases from Saudi Arabia is because bin Laden did 9-11 and killed over 3,000 Americans. That was enough to shock us into action. It’s only events like that that will get the US to leave its bases in any of its lousy little colonies.

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