Alt Left: The M17 Shoot Down: The Coverup

Many people at the scene of the M17 shoot down said they saw a fighter jet rise up to the jetliner right before it was downed. No Buk missile was seen or heard anywhere nearby, and they can be heard for 25 miles around and leave a huge trail that stays for 10 minutes. Even the US CIA says there was no Buk missile in the Donbass. Russia was not about to give one of those to those rebels!

An air traffic controller from Spain witnessed the whole thing and said Interior Ministry people came in saying, “Why did we shoot down that plane? What’s going on?” I saw him tweeting all of this in real time as it unfolded!

The Interior Ministry people then confiscated all of the tapes, and a coverup began that NATO was in on from the start. The EU inspectors would not even go to the site of the crash for three weeks. And when they did, they barely looked at anything and their only report was that the rebels were drunk. The DNR forbade its forces from drinking alcohol. By lying that the rebels were drunk, the EU was helping to reinforce the fake story about “drunken incompetent rebels mistakenly shooting down the jetliner.”

An independent investigation by Malaysia with 130 investigators found that Ukraine had shot the plane down with a missile and machine-gunned the cockpit. Indeed, the cockpit was full of 30mm holes from the gun of a fighter jet, and it was a bloodbath inside. If a Buk hit that jet there would be holes all over the top of the plane and all of the bodies in the plane would be full of shrapnel from the shells. The Malaysian investigation was immediately declared false and shut down for reasons unknown. I think maybe they got threatened.

Then Malaysia (and Russia) were locked out of the kangaroo court in the Netherlands that wrote a fake findings report deliberately framing Russia. The report was extremely weak as far as evidence goes in reaching its conclusion. Another kangaroo court in the Netherlands recently issued a verdict for several innocent men, including Strelkov. The verdict frames them for shooting down the jet.

Australia did their own investigation and found that of eight bodies, not one had any shrapnel in them. So the plane could not have been shot down by a Buk. As soon as this was discovered, the investigator was fired, and the investigation was shut down. So Australia, Ukraine, the US, the EU, and the Netherlands, and NATO are in on the coverup of this incident and the framing of these poor innocent men.

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