Alt Left: My Feelings on “White Genocide,” Replacement Theory, Etc.

I don’t buy the White Genocide thing but our numbers are being reduced in the world due to intermarriage and low birth rates. But most of the pure races are probably declining as people intermarry racially.

Of course Whites are being replaced here in the US and Europe. But is it an intentional plot by the people supporting mass immigration of non-Whites to White countries. Some people who support this project, mostly Jews, do indeed want to get the White population down below 50

But are the people pushing mass immigration really doing so to drown out Whites? I doubt it. They have all sorts of other reasons for pushing this project. However, whether it is intentional or not, we are indeed being replaced.

But I don’t care about what happens to the White race. I care about the quality of humans we import into this country. We are importing low quality people, and that’s stupid. I want new immigrants to have to go through a strict screening process and have a minimum IQ of 98. Beyond that, I’m not concerned what race they are. Carefully screened Blacks and Hispanics with IQ’s that high should act pretty good.

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6 thoughts on “Alt Left: My Feelings on “White Genocide,” Replacement Theory, Etc.”

  1. Quality control is good. You’ve made a good case for Nigerians coming here. It’s not bad because it’s a small elite percent. I’m all for taking the best from other countries. I don’t personally want a Nigerian giving me a physical, looking at my balls like juicy plums, but let them live and work on Plum Island. I believe savagry exists even in elite Blacks but it does subside with age.

    1. I believe savagery exists even in elite Blacks but it does subside with age.

      If you set IQ at 113, White and Black crime rates are the same. I’m not sure what happens after that. But Blacks at and above that level commit just as much crime as Whites.

      1. My Black Uncle, acted 100% like White professional but engaged in a bit of savagery when he was younger. You can’t change the genetic core. Now that he’s older he’s fine.

        1. Remember the Black neurosurgeon who ran for President on the Republican ticket? He was like that. He stabbed another boy as a teenager. Went on to become a physician and a famous politician.

          I still say though that at IQ 113+, Blacks are no more dangerous than any White man. Therefore we probably ought to let any Black man with an IQ this high come into our country, unless there are zillions of them.

          1. No. I’m closer to him than other family members. I get reminded I have one sometimes. I say, “He’s culturally White.”

            When I was younger I thought Blacks were lucky they still had tribesmen in Africa. I thought I’d join them if I were Black and was researching the Zulus a bit the other day. A part of me may still feel this way!

            I think it’s smart not to make everything a Black and White issue. I’ve felt that that’s playing into the (((media’s))) hands.

            I’ve drowned myself in Black media. I listened to some old school rap at the gym, and it just sounded like Blacks whining about Whitey. I do respect their root culture. They have some kind of African gym group, and I was happy for them. Where I work, some Blacks are very White-acting professionals, and White women hound and trap them like pimps.

            But while I might respect Blacks’ culture, I think it adds little to Whites’ culture. The honeymoon is over with Blacks. I believe the equality experiment failed. Now we have a bunch of anti-White ingrates. To me the reward isn’t worth the investment. What do you get from Blacks you can’t get from another race? A White is even capable of being a nigger if that’s your bag.

            Can Blacks produce a decent society? Maybe very mildly civilized ones.

            I’m not a purist. I’m just not very hopeful for Whites, let alone Blacks.

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