Alt Left: Conspiratorial and Obsessive Anti-Semitism: Why It’s Nonsense

This is the sort of antisemitism I don’t like, mostly because it’s not true.

I don’t mind watercooler antisemitism, which is mostly what everyone knows is true about these people. Anyway, I don’t think it harms Jews.

Obsessive and conspiratorial antisemites blame Jews for:

  • 911. Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda did it.
  • The JFK assassination. The CIA did it.
  • Neoliberalism. This goes all the way back to Ricardo and Smith.
  • Social liberalism. Most of these types are not Jewish.
  • Civil rights.
  • Communism.
  • Leftism.
  • Feminism.
  • Gay rights.
  • Globohomo.
  • Trans rights.
  • Porn.
  • The Cultural Left.
  • Using porn to break down White Society. Probably never existed as an actual project.
  • Breaking down the White family. Probably never was an actual project.
  • Anti-racism. Mostly a Black project now.
  • Neoconservatism. Gentile neocons far outnumber the Jewish ones anymore, and anyway, neoconservatism is the default foreign policy position of the vast majority of politicians in both political parties.
  • Mass immigration.
  • Anti-White discrimination.
  • Critical Race Theory. Mostly a Black project.
  • BLM. Mostly a Black project.
  • The Ukraine War.
  • The conflict with China.
  • US imperialism.
  • Capitalism.
  • The conflict with Hungary.
  • Mass immigration of Africans and Muslims to Europe.
  • The war on Afghanistan.
  • Russophobia. This is from the Cold War, the New Cold War, and other than that, it has a longstanding pedigree in the West.
  • SJWism.
  • Cultural appropriation.
  • Media control. Jews are top executives in 41
  • World control.
  • The Frankfurt School. Yes, it was heavily Jewish, but they were not involved in the type of project that everyone accuses them of pushing.

It’s true that Jews were heavily involved in founding a number of these movements, but they are now on auto-pilot. That is, if you theoretically remove the Jews from the US and put them somewhere else, absolutely nothing whatsoever changes except possibly US Middle Eastern foreign policy. Most people pushing this are not Jewish, and a huge number of Whites are involved in a self-hating, self-abasing project.

For a number of these things, say porn for example, fine: remove the Jews from the industry so they’re no longer running anything. Guess what happens? A bunch of Gentiles rush right in to take over porn from the Jews! This whole idea that all the bad things in society are due to Jews, and you just remove the Jews and all these wonderful Gentiles will stop acting bad and start acting good is a sick joke.

Yes, the Jews own the US state, but only one issue: Israel. That’s all that they care about and all can agree on. Jews actually do not agree on a whole lot of issues. There are only a few things that are near and dear to them. Two Jews, three opinions, you know how that goes.

They are also somewhat or totally to blame for our wars in the Middle East. They’re mostly the ones pushing hate speech laws now too.

Lately we see not only the “capitalism of fools” but also “the anti-imperialism of fools.”

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7 thoughts on “Alt Left: Conspiratorial and Obsessive Anti-Semitism: Why It’s Nonsense”

  1. Well, we better get rid of Blacks if they are the new leaders. Jew porn has been anti-White but I have seen a White pornographer say he admires those Jews. The mainstream media has been against the White family for a long time. Archie Bunker, Al Bundy, Homer Simpson, ect. are jabs at the traditional head of the household. Jews are on autopilot in clown hell.

    1. LOL don’t you think that if the American Jews left us and went somewhere else, those porn Jews wouldn’t be immediately replaced by Gentiles producing the exact same stuff? Also there’s racist porn where a bunch of Southern cracker rednecks bukkake a Black chick. Probably produced by Jews too.

      Anti-White stuff is on autopilot now too. Many Blacks are into this anti-White stuff and a lot of the more SJW Hispanics and Asians are too. And we Whites far underestimate the vast numbers of Whites who are invested in this White self-hatred thing. There are legions of them. This stuff’s all coming out of the universities. Also, the entire media class, no matter whether they are Jews or not, are in on it. And US corporations now are full-bore anti-White, SJW, critical race theory, and all that crap. It’s infested the whole society. It’s not coming from a bunch of Jews or at least not any more.

      1. Today’s Western Gentiles are so tainted they would do as you say.

        I believe the big change with no Jews would be tranny porn would decline. Jews always seem to be on the cutting edge of such progressions.

        Anti-White stuff is on autopilot. We’re basically seen as Jews to Blacks and as Blacks to Asians.

        There’s legit White on Black racist porn. Interestingly many on “African American Topix Forum” were warned not to do it, and some seemed to be looking for love there.
        Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places.

        1. There’s legit White on Black racist porn. Interestingly many on “African American Topix Forum” were warned not to do it, and some seemed to be looking for love there.

          Talk about looking for love in all the wrong places.

          What do you mean warned not to do what? Some seemed to be looking for love where?

          1. Black women were looking for love by doing anti-Black porn and men on the forum were warning them not to.

      2. You forgot the other one.

        “Jews are mostly responsible for slavery in the US.” The Nation of Islam has been pushing this narrative for years. Their book, The Secret History between Blacks and Jews could probably be compared somewhat to Henry Ford’s Dearborn Leader.

        1. Thanks a lot. I really get tired of that one so much. It’s so tiresome!

          Yes, Jews did control some of the slave trade, that is, they owned some of the actual slave ships themselves. But they did not pilot or crew them. Those were all Gentiles. And all of the actual buying and selling of slaves in Africa and the US was done by Gentiles. Jews only controlled 2% of the slave trade to the US.

          However, for the Caribbean and especially Brazil, it was quite a bit higher and Iberian Jews may well have controlled the Brazilian slave trade in terms of owning the actual ships.

          And yes, Jews have a high rate of slave ownership in the South because they tended to have money. If you had money, you tended to own slaves. If you didn’t have money, you didn’t own slaves. Anyway, I believe Jews were less than 1% of the population of the South. Keep in mind that during this period, the vast majority of Whites in the US, the Caribbean, South America, and Iberia supported slavery, so if Jews supported it and profited from it too, that was not unusual since Jews are White.

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