Alt Left: 87% of Russians Support the Z War

Yes, there are some traitors in Russia who are against the war, and they walk around free and unmolested. They are mostly young hipster types in thrall to the West. Lately people have gone to downtown Moscow and St. Petersburg and found these types everywhere. They all opposed the war and supported Ukraine. Nothing happened to any of them.

A British TV station went to Moscow the other day and interviewed a bunch of these folks. They all more or less said they supported Ukraine in the war. These people represent a mere 13

Nothing happened to any of them. Russia’s not a dictatorship. Russians tell pollsters that they don’t want a dictator and that they don’t think Putin is one. Putin’s popularity polls closely mirror his electoral results, therefore, all of his elections have been legitimate. At any rate, he definitely got the majority of the votes in every election.


You can get Western media anywhere in Russia. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. are all wide open. The Russians I follow on Twitter read all the Western press on Ukraine, and so do all of their Russian followers. It’s not like Russians not exposed to the other side.

One Russian poster on Twitter, a socialist and a feminist, said one of her socialist feminist friends, who calls Putin a capitalist chauvinist, is now one of the most extreme supporters of the war that she knows. Another of her friends is a gay man in the arts. He says he’d rather deal with Russian homophobia than support the enemies of the homeland.

Both of these people think the West hates Russia and is trying to destroy it by regime changing it, putting in a patsy, breaking it into a number of pieces, and then going back to looting its resources like in the 1990’s. This is a bridge too far even for many anti-Putin liberals. They may dislike Putin, but they love their country, and they won’t support its enemies.

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