Alt Left: In Many Cases, the Official Narrative of the State and the Media in the West Is Simply False

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Several times in this and other articles you have mentioned the official narrative been false. What we all must realize is that any western “official narrative” is always a lie, and has been for at least much of my life (I’m 76 now).


The official Western narrative (copied all across the West) is in many cases (not all) a lie. But everybody swallows it whole anyway.

I think he’s correct as far as foreign policy goes. Many to most foreign news coming from the state or the media is a serious distortion of the truth. Witness this Ukraine War where the MSM and the government insist that Ukraine is either winning, or will or can win. Russia’s always losing no matter what. This is the exact opposite of what is happening but they can’t tell you that.

The official state and media line on COVID is a straight up lie – that the virus in natural in origin and scientists are still trying to find the species it came from. They’ll be looking a long time because that species does not exist. It’s 100% certain that COVID-19 was made in a lab, no doubt a bioweapons lab, as evidence shows that it did not evolve in the wild like a normal virus, so it had to be created. And it looks like it specifically came from a US biowarfare lab.

There’s no other possible conclusion. Now the question whether it got out accidentally or it was released on purpose. Jeffrey Sachs thinks it got out by an accidental leak. I think it was deliberately released as a biowarfare attack on Iran and China that simply got out of hand. The US doesn’t have 300 biowarfare labs scattered all over the world for no reason. By the way, every one of those Goddamned labs has to be shut down right this minute.

The media will never admit that COVID came from a US bioweapons lab, even if it got out accidentally. That would mean that we are responsible for the virus itself. One problem with admitting this is that our legalese-minded world would immediately treat this as a common crime and demand that the US pay the entire world back for the cost of the virus. That sum is probably unpayable.

We should not treat most state behaviors, even wars, as common crimes. We just can’t do that. Every country will be suing every other country and countries will arresting and trying other countries citizens all the time.

I don’t think everything the media tells you about domestic policy is a lie, though Fox News is pretty much peddling falsehood and extremely biased coverage for a long time now.

The rest of the media seems to be more or less straight up and honest, and I don’t see any serious pro-Democrat spin the subject matter. The Dems don’t really lie or distort that much anyway. Constant lying is a conservative feature. Even sites like Daily Kos don’t lie all that much and they don’t even particularly slant the news. They don’t need to as US Republicans are so horrible that there’s no point in exaggerating their behavior – the truth is bad enough.

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