Alt Left: Why I Do Not Support Identity Politics or Cultural Left Theory

Of course the media and the Democrats lie about Cultural Left stuff and Identity Politics, but almost everything IP and Cultural Left says is a flat out lie or at the very least blatantly anti-scientific and almost always unfalsifiable.

That this has been traced back to critical theory and postmodernism (especially Foucault and the whole “truth is relative/there is no truth/everyone has their own truth” bullshit) is an interesting idea, and I think there is something to it because most IP theory is so obviously false that it could only be peddled by someone whose dodge is “there’s no such thing as the truth anyway.”

And as long as that is so, “everyone’s truth is as valid as everyone else’s” IP theorists don’t even have to bother with whether their theories are true enough. They’re “true to them” and that’s all that matters.

There is also a notion of “truth is what makes me feel good” that is deep in the IP crowd. Of course this is a version of “I believe what I want to believe, not what is true,” but there is an evangelizing, crusading, virtue-signaling, near-Puritanical feeling of moral rectitude about the things that they believe.

The stuff they want to believe indeed looks like “pretty lies” and I’d be the first to admit that the ugly truths that I love to peddle are pretty damn disgusting and depressing. But science and truth isn’t a popularity contest.

“It makes me feel good, so it’s true” and “it makes me feel bad, so it’s false” are not scientific statements. They’re emotional and subjective value judgements which are typically not provably true. It’s not that they’re false or even that they’re true either. Value judgements are typically not even wrong! They’re just opinions floating in the breeze like all the rest of the shit everyone’s shooting.

I’m not so keen on the “Jewish Frankfurt School” theories of the Cultural Left or “Cultural Marxism,” though we may as well have Cultural Marxism in the West, as the Western Left gave up on economics a long time ago, and liberals and social democrats are much worse.

This is one of the main things I hate about IP and the Cultural Left. I’ve been reading their stuff forever, and their theories are simply not true or at least not provable and very suspect. To go along with SJWism I would have to peddle a bunch of stupid lies. Why on Earth would I do that? If they were telling the truth instead of lying so much, I might give them a listen as these movements’ birth as liberation movements at least shows an impetus towards something good for society that I could get behind.

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