Alt Left: Which Does the West Hate More, Nazis and Fascists or Communists?

My Mom didn’t like Communists one bit. She was 18 in 1950. The big subject in her time was, “Who lost China?” as in Democrats or Republicans.

It’s amazing how anti-commie those early post-WWII times were in America. In America, hating commies seemed to be as American as Apple Pie. Some true Americans like my Grandma hate them to this very day.

I really think that’s what all this Russia-hatred in the West is. Hatred for the Communism and the USSR was at utterly insane levels in the postwar West. Just off the charts. People still think Russia is the USSR, which is weird because Ukraine was as Soviet as Russia. And people still blame Russia for the crimes of the USSR, despite Stalin being a Georgian, Trotsky being a Jew, etc.

I’ve even heard people call modern Russians Communists and Soviets in pro-Ukraine fora. And whenever they talk of Russia, they always riff back on the USSR as if there’s been complete continuity between the two states. My Mom was an extreme anti-Communist, and her support for Ukraine was predicated on her extreme hatred for the USSR. To her, Russia was simply still the USSR. There was literally no difference.

In film, one’s led to believe that Americans hate Nazis the most but Commies are likely hated more by the people of influence beyond Hollyweird.

US foreign policy to this day (and now, EU foreign policy as the EU is a colony of the US) has always had extreme hatred for Commies and even anything even slightly or moderately left. Republicans as well as Democrats, including fake “socialists” like the Squad and Bernie Sanders, are all in with this along with EU social democrats. Ilhan Omar and Bernie Sanders are hard-line US imperialists.

Concurrently, we and the Euro soc dems have supported Nazis and fascists to the hilt as the best Commie-haters and Commie-killers out there. The West only opposed Nazism and fascism for 3 1/2 years in WW2. All before the war and all after the war, the West supported every Nazi and fascist government to the max.

Furthermore, in Eastern Europe, they’ve always been Nazi-lovers and fascist-lovers. There are fascist and Nazi governments in some of these places to this very day – for instance, there are Nazi governments in the Balts and Ukraine and fascist governments in Italy, Hungary, Georgia, Turkey, and Poland. The opposition in Belarus is Nazi. Fascist and Nazi governments in Eastern Europe had a lot of popular support, especially in Romania, Hungary, the Baltics, Finland, and Croatia. For that matter, so did Mussolini in Italy and Franco in Spain.

A lot of the West stayed fascist for a long time after WW2, until 1975 in Franco’s Spain and Salazar’s Portugal. A fascist government ruled Greece for 5-10 years around 1970. The US supported all of these fascist governments completely.

There is still mass support for fascism in Spain to this very day and ditto with Italy, which just elected a couple of proto-fascist or actual fascist governments in Berlusconi and Melloni, and in Poland and Hungary. The Poles, Balts, Ukrainians, and Finns are some of the worst commie-haters out there.

NATO has been pro-Nazi and pro-fascist since its formation largely from the wreckage of the Nazi Army after WW2.

Look at this Ukraine war. We’re literally siding with Nazis against supposedly “Communist” Russians. And the vast majority of Americans are cheering on these Nazis ecstatically.

It’s obvious that the West hates Communists and anything even slightly leftwing far more than we hate fascists and Nazis, that is, if we even hate fascists and Nazis at all. I think we really don’t hate them at all. We love them.

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