Alt Left: The West Was Pro-Nazi for Nine Years out of Their 13 Year Rule

There wasn’t a plan by the West to defeat the Soviet Union in 1942, no. But there absolutely were plans in 1939 and even into 1940 where the British, French and Americans thought they could get the USSR into a war with Germany as a way to defeat both of them.

Even after Germany invaded Poland, and remaining up until Spring 1940, Churchill earnestly believed that the USSR was a more dangerous threat than Nazi Germany. The Allies even considered declaring war on the USSR in 1940 when the Soviets invaded Finland.

One of the very reasons the West appeased Hitler for so long was that they were more afraid of the USSR and wanted to leverage Hitler’s unpredictable warmongering and industry to defend against communism. A weakened Germany was seen as a threat to the West because that would mean a power vacuum vulnerable to Soviet influence or invasion.

And of course, once the Allies realized that Germany was done for in 1945, preparations immediately began for all the different ways that the Allies could quickly end up at war with the USSR the moment the Germans surrendered. Everything from getting the Germans to change sides, to negotiating a pre-emptive surrender with the Nazis, was considered.

See, the West was with the Nazis until they got just a bit too out of control and murderous for our tastes. But for a very long time, the West much preferred Hitler to the USSR. And as soon as the ink was dry on the armistice papers, the West was plotting to invade and declare war on the USSR alongside a newly constituted Nazi Army.You know Stalin was aware of these plots.

I’m not a big fan of the Warsaw Pact, but Stalin definitely needed a buffer against the bloodthirsty West, whose salivating fangs were lusting for the destruction of his homeland. You could say he was almost forced into it and I think it was a smart move on his part.

So really the anti-Communist fanaticism of the West created the Warsaw Pact in the first place. Were we not so hostile to the Soviets, would he need a buffer zone?

Just like right now the West much prefers these damned Nazis in Ukraine to anti-imperialist, independent Russia who refuses to bend a knee to the US. So they must be brought to heel. I think instead of actually liking Hitler, the West just wanted to use the Nazis as a tool to destroy what they saw as a worse enemy, the USSR.

I think that’s what is going on in Ukraine too. I don’t think the West really likes those Nazis over there. They’re just using them. The West doesn’t like Al Qaeda or ISIS either, but we use them to attack our enemies in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. And we are supporting Al Qaeda/ISIS-aligned fighters in Ukraine right now. Many of these folks have gone to Ukraine to fight the common enemy.

Screw the West. Everything is money. Money is everything. Which is why we thought the Soviets were worse and aligned ourselves with Nazism.

I had no idea the West was that depraved. Maybe it’s about time the rest of the world blew a hole in this sinking vessel called the West.

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One thought on “Alt Left: The West Was Pro-Nazi for Nine Years out of Their 13 Year Rule”

  1. “I’ll work for anybody but Communists, and I’ll do anything short of murder.” Fred Otash, private investigator (allegedly highest paid) in Hollywood in the 1950s and 1960s.

    It’s amazing how anti-Commie those early post-WWII times were in America. In America, hating commies seemed to be as American as Apple Pie. Some true Americans like my Grandma hate them to this very day.

    In film, one’s led to believe that Americans hate Nazis the most but Commies are likely hated more by the people of influence beyond Hollyweird.

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