Alt Left: The Entire West Voted To Support Nazism in the UN!

So basically the entire West except Bosnia and Serbia is pro-Nazi right now or at least it was when this vote was taken, I think in 2016. This includes the Anglosphere slaves of the Americans, the Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders. Every other country in the world opposed Nazism.

Check this out.

Almost all of the White countries in the West refused to vote against a measure condemning Nazism, in effect supporting the Nazi ideology.

The entire rest of the world, all non-White or off-White except for Russia and Belarus (including the Arab World), voted to oppose Nazism. Yes, Nazism is so awful that even the Arabs, North Africans, Iranians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Malaysians voted against it. And a lot of those populations are anti-Semitic.

But real Nazism is a bridge too far even for heavily anti-Semitic countries! Even non-White antisemites don’t like Nazis anymore! Perhaps that’s because it’s predicated on White Supremacism and North Africans, Arabs, Central and Southern Asians, and Asians aren’t really keen on White Supremacy.

    • Nearly the entire White World voted for Nazism, an extreme White Supremacist ideology.
    • The entire non-White World voted to condemn Nazism, an extreme White Supremacist ideology.

The only people in the world who support extreme White Supremacism are Whites! The only people who oppose it, with a couple of exceptions, are non-Whites!

Good God, how bad does that look?

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One thought on “Alt Left: The Entire West Voted To Support Nazism in the UN!”

  1. The East is air, the pure element. Essential for thinking.

    The West is fire. Burning all with rage and little oxygen to the brain so it can’t think much.

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