Alt Left: New Casualty Figures for Russia and Ukraine

Sourced to Mossad

Reportedly sourced to Mossad. The source is a bit sketchy but the numbers seem perfect.

Russian casualties.

Russian casualties seem about right. The figures seem to be Russian military, Wagner, Russian Reserves (BAR), Russian National Guard, FSB, Chechens, volunteer battalions etc. (~12,000) sourced from obituary notices online + official DPR (~5,000) and LDR (1,000) figures. However, LDR figures may be suspiciously low. Officially they are only 1,000, but sources say they are as high as 14,000. If so that jacks total Russian casualties up 31,000. The only figure we have for Wagner is 450 killed.

The POW figure is suspiciously low. For a long time, Ukraine was simply executing most if not all POW’s, often torturing them first. A number of these executions were recorded on video.

Amazingly, shitlibs all over America cheered for the murders of prisoners of war! I guess if they’re Russians, it doesn’t matter.

Ukrainian casualties.

The Ukrainian figures are good too. They are 122,000 taken from online death notices + 35,000 MIA, all of whom are presumed dead. Notice they have 17,000 POW’s and Russia only has ~200? I think the wounded figure is low. Other figures put it at ~400,000. When Zaluzhny came to the US recently, he told General Milley that Ukraine had 257,000 casualties, but that includes civilians.

The civilian figure is 20,000 dead, so that gives us 237,000 military dead. The NATO figure seems good. The Poles alone has suffered 1,200 killed. The NATO trainers figure is amazing but it’s not hard to believe. I’m quite happy these American idiots got theirs. Serves them right for working with Nazis!

The equipment losses are staggering. Ukrainian – Russian losses:

     Ukraine-Russian loss ratio

                       Totals        Ratio

Planes                 302-23        14-1 

Helicopters           212-56          4-1

(S)IHA               2,750-200       14-1

Tanks/IFV's          6,320-889        7-1

Howitzers            7,360-429       17-1

Anti-aircraft guns     497-12        41-1

KIA                237,000-18,480    13-1    

WIA                400,000-48,500     8-1

POW                 17,230-323       53-1  

The loss ratios are absolutely staggering, and they accord well with the KIA/WIA figures. The KIA and WIA ratios line up very well. Reports from the field indicate that Ukrainian-Russian KIA run at ~10-1, so the 13-1 figure is in the same ballpark. I’m not buying the Mossad’s WIA figure. That’s way too low. The Russians have excelled at taking out Ukrainian air defenses, howitzers, (S)IHA’s, and planes. The Ukrainians have done better and evened the score a bit when it comes to tanks/IFV’s and especially helicopters, where they have done best.

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