Did Cro-Magnons and Stone Age Men Have Different Brains Than Ours?

I hate this commenter. He’s a fanatical Nazi supporter on the Unz website named J2. He’s also an extreme anti-Communist, so I guess he is a conservative Nazi supporter.

Found on the Net:

About the brains of early modern humans.

Most inventions are made by men. As development in the stone age was so slow, men could not have the same mentality what we now have. Their brains were the same but they thought differently, and we can still find out how they thought because there still are some tribes living in the Stone Age.

It looks to me that there was an older way of thinking, especially for men. Women and children chatted the way they do now, but they do not make inventions that often. Men changed the concsiousness of a boy (which is similar to ours) intentionally to the consciousness of a warrior by initiation rites.

These rites (think about the Plains Indians Sun Dance) caused a deep trauma. The desired outcome was that the young man who survived the rite would see a dream that showed him who he was. Hence it was an important dream. Later he would also see important dreams. And the young man would get a guardian spirit, often appearing in an animal form.

Interesting. It’s true women and children chatter away, but they can’t help it and besides, it must be adaptive. True, men have always invented more than women. An all-female society or matriarchy won’t invent much. Indeed existing matriarchies in Africa have this characteristic. There’s not much advancement and everyone is free to live in this Bonobo-like female utopia.

There’s not much education either, as I’m convinced that women don’t really prioritize this as their brains don’t think it’s important. What are women interested in? People and relationships! To the extent that academic work involves such things, they find it interesting. Many of the female university professors that I deal with have sort of a frumpy and somewhat mannish way about them. They’re almost all straight, but they often cut their hair short and they’re not sexy at all.

It’s like they are heavy on the male brain side of things. Many are introverts and they are typically married to some introverted male professor. Only a few are actual lesbians as female university professors are rather conservative people and don’t really go in for wild swinging lifestyles. They’re the people who stayed in their rooms and studied when everyone else was out partying.

I have known women with IQ’s over 130 – I am thinking 132, 140, 143, and 143, and they were not much interested the “airy world of (pure) ideas.” I think this world for “sky people,” or men. Being interested in people and relationships is more for “Earth people,” or women. I try to talk to them about this dry stuff I’m interested in, and they act like they are bored to tears. I thought that since they had high IQ’s, they would be interested in this “purely intellectual” stuff, but nope.

In that sense, women are not commonly the sort of “pure intellectual” who lives in the airy world of pure ideas that we find in the prototype male intellectual. Women simply find the life of a male intellectual be boring as snail race. Keep in mind that when I say that women are less likely to be “intellectuals,” that does not mean that they are not as smart as we are.

New data show that women in the West have exactly the same IQ’s as men, whereas before men had IQ’s four points higher. This shows that modern world’s women’s IQ has significantly risen in recent years. The rise has all been on nonverbal abstraction. Our modern computer and gadget filled world has forced even women to get good at this type of thinking.

I knew two women with IQ’s of 156. One was more like the women above, but the other was more into the “sky world.” If you told her something she had not heard of, she was fascinated and demanded to have it explained to her. And you didn’t have to explain anything very long, even if she had no familiarity with it before. She caught on awful damn quick. She was literally one of the “fastest” human beings I’ve ever met.

I now think that IQ is simply a measure of raw brain speed. The woman above with the 140 IQ (a former girlfriend) was fast too. Everything you said to her, even a rather complex joke or pun, she caught onto it immediately and responded almost before the words were all out of your mouth. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! They think they that, fast as a beam of light slanting through your window.

He also suggests that the way men are now is how boys were in Cro-Magnon days. We modern men now stay in this “boy” mindset for life. I suppose some of us go through a trial by fire, but it’s not the norm anymore. Hence the idea is that a completely different type of man with a completely different brain and consciousness than our own existed in the Pleistocene and far into the Holocene in many places where as hunter-gatherers, we retained Stone Age habits. I don’t know if it’s true, but I like the idea over coffee this afternoon.

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One thought on “Did Cro-Magnons and Stone Age Men Have Different Brains Than Ours?”

  1. I talk to high IQ women regularly. The cream seem to be Jewish women. Prestigious career women often have a single glaring flaw like bad breath, unfit, funny looking, etc.

    The ideal physical features for women are very long legs found in Slavs. The latest pornstar I favor is a Hungarian who was a model before porn. Her legs are markedly longer than your average Western Europeans.

    A Nordic contribution to sexiness might be to fitness:


    Dutch are known to be the fittest on the continent, and Scandinavians might outfit all other Europeans. Some might complain fit women are manly but to me a fit MILF is the only MILF.

    I’m a creative Alpha. Many at work steal ideas, jokes, etc. from me. It’s more annoying when men steal, like I’m breathing life into a lifeless competitor. Women have stolen ideas from me too, but they were so pathetic about it that I can’t be mad. A guy who shared women with his gf was asked if he feared her leaving her for one of the women. He said something to the effect of “No, none of them have a penis.”

    My output is huge. The main reason I am so prolific is because I’m interested in my creations. My comedic improv is strong in the real world. I was always joking around in my neighborhood as a kid. I’ve hung on to that.

    I’m no genius on your site. Many like Phil are smarter, but I’m a big fish in my little bowl.

    I like your “men are Sky People, women are Earth People” bit. I’ve given some thought to that as well. As did many of our ancestors, perhaps even the earliest. Only male gorillas become silverbacks, and only silverbacks eat meat. I’m very into contrasting the genders. Gender contrast is the foundation of heterosexual attraction.

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