Alt Left: Why Liberals and Social Democrats Have a Tendency to Support Fascism and Rightism Elsewhere and Go Fascist and Rightist Themselves in a Crisis

I’ve always said shitlibs are monsters. Liberals go fascist just like that. There’s a thin veneer of liberalism that is in place most of the time, and that’s what it usually operative. But when push comes to shove, they go fascist in a heartbeat. I’ve seen it in this war. I’ve seen shitlibs cheering for executions of POW’s, executions of “collaborator” civilians, calls for jets, submarines, napalm (!), cluster bombs (!), and lately, incredibly enough, nuclear weapons.

They never go to the Left because liberals hate the Left far more than they have fascists and Rightists. This is probably because at heart liberals are capitalists, and fascism and Rightism is compatible with capitalism, whereas socialism, etc. puts limits on it. And you know how shitlibs love their stuff!

Social democrats are very similar, especially this modern breed. I have no idea why they call themselves socialists anymore, as when push comes to shove, the Western ones all go fascist in a New York minute. I hated it when the German Communist Party called the Social Democrats in  Germany in the 1930’s “social fascists” but maybe they were onto something.

I couldn’t figure out why Western soc dems always went fascist instead of to the Left, and I finally decided it was because, after all, social democracy is pretty much just capitalism with a (very) human face. I don’t mind social democracy at all, but the fact that it’s tied so heavily to capitalism means it will always go fascist and imperialist especially in the imperial core.

And that may doom it right there. Look at the European soc dems. Pathetic lot. What is the basis of all of their economies? Multinational corporations. And how do they make their profits? In various ways, but certainly via Western imperialism and neocolonialism, domination, and asset-stripping and resource theft of the 3rd World. They align with imperialism because that’s how they make their money.

The soc dem countries get their money from their corporations, so no matter how much they crow that they are socialists, at the end of the day, corporations rule the state just like in the much more rightwing US. I’m seriously wondering if this is a fatal flaw of social democracy.

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