Alt Left: Inhuman Weapons of War That Need to Be Banned

Napalm and cluster bombs are banned. They’re both so evil that even the US military won’t touch them, so you know they must be pretty bad. Russia doesn’t use either weapon either, nor do they use phosphorus. They use thermite, which is similar and maybe just as bad. They also use thermobarbic weapons. Thermite and thermobarbic weapons should be banned, and take the white phosphorus with you.

And those MOAB’s and FOAB’s need to be banned too. They’re almost nuclear weapons in effect. Everyone within 1/2 mile of the blast ends up deaf! You can’t allow weapons like that. The MOAB that Trump dropped on Afghanistan was so toxic that villagers nearby were still sick with mysterious ailments nine months later. None only that, but all of their crops died and when they tried to replant them, nothing would grow. Whatever the Hell that MOAB is, it needs to be banned.

Weapons of war need to be fair so fighters have a fighting chance to survive. Sure that leads to stalemates, but so what? A fair war ought to have plenty stalemates and long, slow battles.

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