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I am not a Communist at all, trust me. On the other hand, I’m not an anti-Communist either. A famous Russian dissident once said that the only people he hated more than Communists were anti-Communists. Most sane people take a relatively moderate and shoulder shrugging position. It’s one thing to oppose Communism. That’s just fine. But the anti-Communist devotes his life to this project and he’s usually a freak and a fanatic.

Not uncommonly he’s also a monster and a vast number of them are either fascists or Nazis, or if not, they have lots of friends who are. They have pool of blood on their hands the size of the Lake Michigan. They committed some of the worst crimes against humanity in the 20th Century. Actually, when it came to crimes against humanity, the anti-Communists, fascists, and Nazis were far worse than the Communists, not that the Communists were not killers too.

Those that are not fascists or Nazis are often some sort of monarchist throwback. I’m not sure which was worse, fascism, the Czar or the Buddhist and Hindu religious monarchies in Tibet and Nepal. Notice that they were all feudal too. Monarchism and feudalism go together like peanut butter and jelly.

I do not defend the mass murderer Joseph Stalin. So I’m not really a tankie. Most people of us called tankies are not.

But I don’t mind Communist governments, and I will defend them against their enemies.

Communists would never take me. I get thrown out of all online Communist groups very quickly. Further, they’re a rather dour, humorless, and no-fun group of sour-faced party poopers.

And here in the West they are all insane on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. Basically straight cis White men are the enemy. Well, that’s me.

And they’re all the worst feminists. If you go to their events, they ban you if they see you flirting with women. Like true feminists, they’ve got serious issues with guys trying to get laid! It’s downright evil in line with feminist ideology. Here in the West, Communist groups are chock full of all variety of non-heterosexual and nonbinary freaks.

In one group I checked out, about half of them were like that. It’s like they had something against being normal.

The pro-homosexuality was the strident type, talks about mandatory heterosexuality, heterosexism, heteropatriarchy, the male gaze, and calls to read radical feminist man-hating psychobitches. Nowadays these groups are swarming with trannies for some reason. It’s ridiculous.

There’s an overtly anti-White bias, and the top book recommendation is Settlers, by J. Sakai (1980), a document which sums up the insanity of the Western Left. It posits that the White working class in the West is  effectively a group of contras, a counterrevolutionary or reactionary force, because they line up with imperialism. They get their high wages via imperialist exploitation of the 3rd World, so they end up being the class enemies of the workers in the Global South.

Unfortunately, he’s got a point! This is why the White working class in the US and UK vote reactionary for the anti-worker project of the bosses. Of course they’re screwing themselves when they do this, but it’s the same idea of aligning with imperialism and the bosses against the working people.

The book also says the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia are settler-colonial countries, which I suppose means we non-Indians have no right to this land.

Every time you see someone putting their locale as “Turtle Island” that’s the statement they’re making. Some ignorant Indians decided in one of their false myths that the Earth was some sort of a structure on the back of a giant turtle. Astronomy and common sense have proven this false, but no matter. Anyway, putting that in your bio means “everyone who is not an Indian is a settler-colonist who needs to take off.” Apparently the Blacks and Hispanics get to stay though for some reason. It’s just us Whites who need to fuck off back to Europe.

Also, Communists only like Communism. Everything else is lesser. Even socialist countries need to all go Communist. And their ideal world is a Communist one. Well, that’s not me. I’m just a socialist. Period. A lot of us are friendly to Communist countries though, even if that’s not our ideal or preferred system.

I figure if people want a system like that, then they’re entitled to live under it. The majority is happy that way, right? Ok, so how can I say they’re wrong and work to overthrow their government? I’m not sure I would want to live in a Communist country though. Maybe, maybe not.

But I will say one thing. The Communist analysis of capitalist political economy, for instance, see above for why Western liberals and soc dems always go fascist in a crisis and never go the left, is immaculate. Marxism is a fantastic tool for analyzing the capitalist system. However, when it comes to alternatives to capitalism, I don’t think traditional Marxism has offered a good one.

I think the best is some sort of mixed economy with a very strong state like in China and Russia. And if you can keep the capitalists out of the government, you can keep the whole thing from going to shit. Might be nice to keep them out of the media too, since that’s another way they ruin capitalist countries. See Antonio Gramsci’s Prison Letters on that. The ruling class sets the culture for the whole country, so everyone, rich to poor, ends up with a rich man’s mindset.

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