Alt Left: The Size of the State Sector in Russia

Russia actually has a huge state sector and a decent enough safety net. It’s not a neoliberal country at all. The Western Left, who have always been complete shitheads, are just wrong for calling a Russia a capitalist country. Supposedly, as they are capitalist, they should not be supported! However, this goes against Lenin and especially Stalin’s directive that all anti-imperialists must be supported, including varieties of reactionaries, typically social reactionaries. Anyway, Russia’s not capitalist. It’s best described as a mixed economy.

Have you seen how good their defense industry is? How quickly it can ramp up production, almost on a dime? Indeed it vastly outperforms the defense industry of the US, which is complete crap. The US private defense industry is terribly inefficient, and the products are vastly overpriced. Fraud and waste are at grotesque levels. And it can’t even seem to produce good products.

A good rule of thumb is that the private sector, mostly concerned with profits, simply cannot compete against the state in terms of the manufacture of weapons. We should also note that Russia produces excellent defense products at a fraction of the cost that the US does.

Almost all of the Russian defense industry is run by the state. A few enterprises are joint ventures with the state and industry. I think one corporation is private. All of the rest are “state corporations.” The “state corporate” sector in Russia is huge. Indeed, when we talk about large enterprises, especially for raw materials, most of these are joint enterprises, with the state owning 49% of the firm. This works out very well as the private sector is still in charge of production, but the state has enough sway that they can tell the private part of the corporation what to do.

Did you notice how when the US tried to go on a “war footing” to combat COVID, it was a total failure? Many corporations flat out said that they were not manufacturing the stuff that the state wanted. Others made things but only at exorbitant prices.

Much production was exported overseas. There were shortages of everything as many enterprises just refused to make stuff, and the state was left having to buy from overseas. The amount of fraud and abuse was insane, with Trump officials themselves being up to their knees in it. It was a catastrophe of profiteering and grifting.

Good analysis of world figures showed that the larger and better the state health sector, the better their COVID figures were. Figures were disastrous for places like Latin America, where the health system was mostly privatized, and the state sector was underfunded. The Chinese state health sector’s performance was nearly miraculous. China’s death rate for COVID is far beyond that of the US.

India, with a ridiculously underfunded state health care system, had catastrophic figures. ~1 million deaths are listed, but India is such a failed and crap country that they can’t even monitor death statistics properly, so the real figure has been computed to be 4 million!

I will give you some recent news items that shows how large the state sector is in Russia:

▪️In Primorye, mortality from oncology decreased by 7.4% over the year. The comprehensive development of medical centers and the introduction of new technologies in the field of early diagnosis of diseases contribute to a decrease in the mortality rate.

▪️ About 300 elevators will be replaced in the Khabarovsk Territory. All new lifts will comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union and the requirements of the legislation on “Accessible Environment” with the possibility of operation by people with limited mobility.

▪️ A Telegram bot has been launched in Yakutia that will answer questions about the conditions for receiving a single allowance. Over 29,000 Yakut families have applied for benefits, which makes the new Telegram bot particularly in demand for obtaining high-quality and timely information on a topical issue.

▪️ Alexander Bastrykin personally took control of the investigation of an accident with a school bus on Sakhalin.

▪️ Chinese pyrotechnicians will arrange fireworks for the Annunciation people. On February 5, a colorful pyrotechnic show will thunder over the Amur River in honor of the Chinese Lantern Festival. It can be observed from 20:00 to 20:30 from the Amur embankment.

The death rate from cancer has declined due to state health care, as almost all health care is run by the state. It is interesting that when a country has national health care, they often leave open the option of buying private health insurance, which American idiots think is the greatest thing since sliced bread. In fact, it’s complete crap. In countries with national health care, almost nobody buys private insurance even though it’s available. This shows that when people have a choice, no one wants crap private health insurance.

The state itself is going to build 300 new elevators! And they can probably build them a lot faster than the private sector too.

The state is giving people some sort of a “single allowance.” I don’t know what it means. The state made a  computer portal to answer questions about this, and apparently it works great.

The national state itself took over the investigation of a school bus crash!

In China, the state will make a massive fireworks display on the Amur River.

▪️ The Governor of Kuzbass Sergey Tsivilev discussed with the Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Maxim Reshetnikov the creation of the region’s first tourist special economic zone in Sheregesh and Mezhdurechensk. It is planned to allocate about 150 billion rubles for the development of tourism there, which should create 6,000 new jobs.

▪️ Children and youth film festival “Mirror of the Future PRO” will be held in Altai. You can apply for participation until April 30, 2023. In addition to traditional nominations such as Feature Films, Animated Films, Documentary Films, a new category, Formats, has been created especially for those who are interested in video blogs, video reviews, stand-up and other similar video formats.

▪️ In the Omsk region, the Northern bypass will be built – a four-lane highway with a length of 62 kilometers. It will connect two directions: Omsk-Tyumen and Omsk-Novosibirsk. It is planned to build bridges across the Irtysh and Om rivers, as well as the construction of more than 10 overpasses.

▪️ Novosibirsk scientists have developed an artificial neuron that can be used to create biosensors. Such equipment can be used in the agro-industrial complex. Organic sensors similar in properties to biological tissues can be implanted in plants.

▪️ It is planned to spend 35 million rubles on the restoration of forests in the Irkutsk region this year . Activities of the federal project “Preservation of forests“, which is part of the national project “Ecology” will be carried out both by autonomous institutions and on a contract basis.

The state itself, via the Minister of Economic Development (Do capitalist countries even have such a state function?) will allocate a large amount of money for the development of tourism in the region. In the US, this is often left to the private sector itself, which tends to fail at the task.

The state itself with run a “youth film festival.” A lot of these things have to be run by the state because the private sector has no interest in funding such things as there is no money in them.

A massive new highway will be built, along with two gigantic bridges, by the state. When do we ever build any new highways in the US? And when do we build a massive bridge? Hell, our existing highways and bridges are falling apart, and the US can’t even fund the repairs, as the state is starved of funds for this, and the private sector won’t do it, as there’s no money in it.

State science built an artifical neuron to create biosensors. The state will simply give this technology to the agro-industrial complexes of Russia, many of which have a high degree of private ownership. They’re going to stick these things in plants themselves!

You can’t rely on the private sector to fund basic science like this because they think there’s no money in it, so the work never gets done. Private industry is crap at basic science and even technological innovation, often because there’s no money in it or there’s more money in keeping things under-built and underfunded and scarce.

The state itself will fund a massive forest restoration project. I’m not even sure what that involves, but when do we ever do that in the US? When was the last time you heard about a forest restoration project in the US? The US Forest Service may do such things, but they are very underfunded, and every year their budget gets cut even more.

American dipshits seem to think that the more you cut government and starve it for funds, the better it will work. Counterintuitive. It’s like saying the more you cut your income, the better you can pay your bills.

US Popular support for Republican Party “small government” is nearly unique in the world. I have a hard time thinking of even one other government that has this mindset, although there are elements of it in the UK. It may be popular in Hong Kong, where it’s been disastrous as it has been everywhere.

The vast majority of humans on Earth absolutely hate the idea of shrinking the state and “small government.” That ought to imply that the idea is crap, since if it was a good idea, more people would support it.

▪️ Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in 2023 will for the first time begin to train students from China in medical specialties, said Evgeny Vlasov, FEFU Vice-Rector for International Relations. “The General Medicine program is one of the most popular among foreign students; more than 500 people from India study at FEFU in this direction,” he added.

▪️ Specialists from the Far East have restored more than 250 social infrastructure facilities in the DPR, including schools, kindergartens, and apartment buildings, the press service of the presidential envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District, Yuri Trutnev, said.

▪️ The implementation of the master plan for Khabarovsk will cost 1 trillion rubles of state and private investments. This was announced at a meeting with the aforementioned Trutnev by the governor of the Khabarovsk Territory, Mikhail Degtyarev.

▪️In 2023, the Vera Komissarzhevskaya Theater, which has been preserved since 1937, and the hostel of the Primorsky Regional College of Culture will be renovated in Ussuriysk. 24 million rubles will be spent for these purposes.

A state university will train Chinese medical students. Tuition at all universities is free and it’s probably free for these foreign students. Could you imagine any US university doing such a thing?

The state brought people in from the Far East to repair schools, kindergartens, and apartment buildings in the Donetsk People’s Republic region. In the US, all of this work would have been done by the private sector. Even fixing the apartments or building new ones is done much easier and better by the state.

The Russian state has made massive progress in rebuilding Mariupol. In the US, this would have to be done by the private sector and it would go a lot slower as there is uncertainty about how profitable it will be. And US schools and kindergartens have been falling apart for many years with little to no effort to fix them as the private sector refuses to do it and the state is starved of the funds necessary for this.

The state itself developed a “master plan” for the entire region. The group was made up of private and state sectors. When does the US ever do such things?

The state will spend large amounts of money renovating a theater and a hostel at a university. In the US, many such historical buildings are falling apart as there’s no money in fixing them and the state is starved for funds.


I’m not saying that the state does everything better than the private sector. That’s just wrong. But it does a lot of things better because in many areas of society, the private sector simply fails and the public sector does a much better job.

These are known as “market failures” in economic parlance. In the US, market failures happen all the time, but nobody does anything about them because you need state money to fix them since the private sector refuses to and the state is starved for funds by idiot ideologues in the US.

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