Alt Left: Russia/Ukraine Update February 4, 2023

Look, this is crap. Putin’s support runs ~80%. And those polls are regarded as very accurate. Support for the war is 87%. There’s not much to be afraid of in Russia. A Western reporter went to Moscow recently and interviewed several people on camera who openly said they opposed the war. A few even said they supported Ukraine and wanted it to win.

I have heard that if you got to Moscow and St. Petersburg, you can find people like this everywhere. In general,t they tend to be the younger generation. No one is afraid of telling someone that they don’t support the war or even that they support Ukraine. Putin is not a dictator. Russians say in polls that they do not want a dictator. Also, most of them say in polls that they don’t consider him to be a dictator.

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Ridiculous. Apparently most Westerners still think Ukraine is going to win this war! It’s not going to happen. Not not not not not. At this point, Westerners are literally some of the stupidest and most brainwashed people on the planet. Your average educated person in the Global South is far smarter than your average Westerner and he’s also far less brainwashed. Those big fancy Western brains aren’t worth  much of anything if you can’t tell if it’s day or night outside or if you keep coming up with the wrong answer.

Click to read it. Talks about massive antiwar protests in 60 cities across Russia. Yeah. 13% of the population opposes the war. 13%. That’s who’s protesting.







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