Alt Left: Forces behind US Militarism and Endless Wars: The Military-Industrial Complex


First, perhaps the least visible but most effective force is what President Dwight Eisenhower termed more than sixty years ago “the military/industrial complex,” that is, the immensely powerful and influential military contractors and their complex web of control and influence, both in and out of the halls of power in DC, in our armed services, and in our politics.

Each year billions of dollars in profits are generated for Raytheon, McDonnell Douglas, Goldman Sachs, and other supra-nationals.

War in Ukraine has been an incredible financial boon for them — missiles, tanks, armaments and equipment of all kinds. They must be built and purchased (usually at inflated and exorbitant prices). And the pockets of our politicians are always ready for a fat share, not to mention the opened pockets of the corrupt thuggery who currently run Ukraine (and dozens of other American client states).

The author is Hard Right, more or less a supporter of MAGA fascism. But these are the only anti-Nazis in the world anymore! Other fascists!

Everyone leaves this out but they should not. It’s so obvious that this Ukraine catastrophe has been a goldmine for this sector of the economy. Shitlibs in the Biden Administration have even come right out and proudly admitted it. And liberal Democrats have turned into the worst warmongers and supporters of militarism and the military-industrial complex ever.

Remember way back long ago in another time when liberals were anti-Vietnam War, antiwar in general, opposed to militarism with a particular hatred for the military industrial complex and a desire to cut the military budget? Well that was then and this is now. This variety of liberal is completely extinct now. All liberals now are neoconservatives and they are some of the most fanatical, fire-breathing ones out there.

Every day I see liberals calling for more wars, showering praise on the military-industrial complex and using the old “it creates a lot of jobs!” crappy argument, cheering for the bloated military budget and demanding it be ramped up to even more insane levels, cajoling the Europeans and others into ramping up their military spending, including Germany and Japan of all countries, penning love letters to the most evil weapons of all and demanding we hand them over to the Nazis.

This is the modern liberal. He’s far worse of a bloody-fanged warmongering maniac than your average Republican nowadays. A lot of Republicans have become isolationists, granted for crappy reasons, but they never had good reasons for this and they rarely have good reasons for anything. Apparently they are against “Biden’s war” and “the globalists’ war.” A lot think it’s a waste of money. And the only people screaming about Nazis are on the Republican Right, especially the fascist MAGA crowd.

The world has turned strange. Liberals and Centrists love Nazis and fascists and the American fascists are the only people blowing the whistle on Nazis and fascists in Ukraine. Even in Europe, the main opposition to the Nazis is coming from the Hard Right, which often has fascist tendencies. The only people who hate these Nazis are other fascists! All the Centrists and liberals can’t enough of that delicious Nazi flavor!

Every day I see shitlibs* calling for more and worse weapons to sent to Ukraine. Lately they have been agitating for cluster bombs! Cluster bombs are an evil weapon that have been banned by many countries, including the US, which refuses to use them. Ukraine and Russia never signed the treaty. However, my information is that Russia doesn’t use cluster bombs, despite the lies you hear about them doing so in this war.

On top of that the screeching for F-16’s has been intense. The incredibly irresponsible Biden Administration donation of long range missiles to Ukraine, with the proviso that Washington has no opinion of whether to use these weapons against Crimea, is an outrageous escalation. Here are some long-range weapons. Go ahead and shell the Hell out of Crimea with them! How irresponsible can you get?

Lately, shitlibs have even been arguing for submarines! And a shocking number of shitlibs have been advocating nuclear weapons for Ukraine! Their arguments are very persistent.

I never really believed that  the military-industrial complex literally lobbied for wars and out and out tried to get the US to start wars with other countries. If they did this it was obviously for profits. Then I began digging into it. There are publications out there and associated stink tanks that lobby incessantly for war and are always trying to start new US wars against other countries.

I figured these people were just assholes, but then I took a deeper look. Almost all of them had deep connections to the defense industry. Some of the most drooling at the mouth neoconservative stink tanks were literally funded directly by the defense industry.

The defense industry in the US is literally trying to start new wars and ramp up existing ones all the time in this country. Of course it makes sense that they would do this but I never thought they were that openly scummy. I thought wrong.

*It’s not just shitlibs supporting this war, although Daily Kos is one of the most fanatical cheerleaders out there for the Nazis. My quick and dirty analysis of who is supporting the Nazis on Reddit found that most Nazi supporters were largely apolitical other than their support for the Nazis. They were almost all male, heavily slanted towards young men. Almost all were serious hobbyists, and many were gamers or into cars.

I couldn’t find much of anything about their politics when I looked into it other than that they might be Centrist Independents. On the other hand, we must note that there are still many Republicans, even MAGA Republicans, who are fanatical Nazi supporters. MAGA Republican fascists are split 50-50 on the Nazis.


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