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Netanyahu also said he was thinking about sending the Nazis his Iron Dome. Well, it makes sense I guess. Israelis are Jewish fascists. Ukrainians are Ukrainian fascists. And they’re both racist fascists, so, if racist fascism is “Nazism,” then in that sense, yes, Israel is a “Nazi” state. But it’s far less murderous than the real Nazi state.

I would estimate that the Nazi regime was 3-4 orders of magnitude more murderous than Hitler’s government. Israel might actually “murder” 5-10 Palestinians in a year, if that. The real Nazis were killing 2.5 million people every year from late 1940 on. And those are just the people they were exterminating. That ended up being 11 million people, of which only 6 million were Jews.

I’m not sure why Israel is having  a change of heart here though. But I think Russia is going to retaliate. The retaliation will be an even closer relationship with Iran and also I expect upgraded anti-aircraft for Syria. The Israelis don’t know who they are messing with.

In supporting Nazis, Israeli Jews are just following Western Jews in general, who also overwhelmingly favor the Nazis in this war.  The West is supporting the Nazis, and Western Jews being part of the West, they are supporting the Nazis too.

Also Nazi support is much greater among liberal Democrats than among conservatives, and 3

I guess Jews figure these are “good Nazis” because they don’t many issues with Jews. In fact there are many Ukrainian Jews in the Nazi army, and there are quite a few Israelis who have volunteered to fight on the Nazi side. Ukrainian Jews and Israeli volunteers have also happily the actual out and out overtly Nazi militias like Azov. Azov has a synagogue for Jewish fighters and one of their top fighters is a rabbi!

These Nazis are cool by Jews because they “only” want to exterminate Russians and maybe ethnically cleanse some other minorities like Greeks, Roma, Hungarians, and Poles. A lot of Western Jews really hate Russia for some reason. I guess it’s down to the Cold War and the fake Jewish movement of “let my people go” pressuring the USSR to let Soviet Jews emigrate to Israel when the USSR didn’t let anyone emigrate.

Some say it’s down to historical memory of anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia, especially in the late 1800’s. But these pogroms raged across Ukraine too. All in all, Jews’ particular hatred for Russia seems misguided and not based on anything rational.

Russian Jews are some of the worst Jews out there and they are known for having severe hatred of Gentiles. Russian Jews love to drink Bloody Marys with Russian vodka. As they do this, they proudly state that they are drinking the blood of Russian Christians. So much for the “blood libel,” huh? What a bunch of vampires! Further, many Russian Jews are criminals. The Russian Mafia organized crime gang at its height was 1/3 Jewish. This in a country where ~

And Russian Jews gleefully helped bankers in Tel Aviv (Jewish bankers), New York (mixed group), and Berlin (Gentile bankers) buy up the whole country and all of its assets for a dime on the dollar as they strip-mined the country. Hence a lot of Russians see Russian Jews as a bunch of traitors. It’s not completely true of course but like all stereotypes, there’s something to it.

But as long as they leave Jews alone, I guess Nazis are just fine with Jewish people! Only Jewish people matter to Jews, you know.

Geez, talk about moral bankruptcy.

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